SQUID Finance: Integrating DeFi and eCommerce in One Network

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 22 Nov 2021

Squid Finance is a community-run network that entails members from across Europe, China and the Americas.

The high level of friction put on confident retail investors is a big hurdle in the crypto space since exchange restrictions and sophisticated swaps leave behind the casual investor. Thus, Squid Finance incorporates several unique approaches to advance solutions that are critical to the DeFi ecosystem.

The purpose of SQUID Finance is to simplify and promote De-Fi usage through eCommerce. It applies a research-driven approach to NFT trading and investment procedures to produce financial solutions that make investing in DeFi more lucrative and beneficial.


Ultra Rare NFTs

Squid Finance's NFTs have three iterations. The first is the SQUID NFT card, which is sent to the buyer and holds the SCode. The other is the pNFT, created due to the physical card that generates the SCode. The third is the qNTF, formed when the SCode gets redeemed with a qCode.

pNFT is an Ultra Rare NFT type. There is only one physically verifiable copy, and the pNFT is the container that holds it. Other versions exist; they are less common, but they are nonetheless uniquely made.

The concept of creating rarity through tangibility is undoubtedly innovative, and if correctly applied, it can transform the way businesses connect with their customers. In that accordance, the platform pays NFT royalties to the originator of the physical work.

Painfree Flexible Staking 

Users can earn additional passive income on their crypto holdings. SQUID Tokens are rewarded to HODLers based on a tiered system and get distributed quarterly or annually. It goes as follows:

  • Meteror: 3% APY
  • Galaxy: 4% APY
  • Supernova: 5% APY

Rewards in BNB, ETH or ADA

Users on the platform receive rewards for participating in the forum. The dividends get paid out in BNB, ETH or ADA from SQUID's holdings in the Comet Fund for Galaxy and Supernova Level Hodlers. 

SQUIDverse NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace is one of the token's most distinctive characteristics. It makes use of the Tentacle Fiat Onramp Protocol and enables users to receive SQUID tokens directly through their eCommerce platforms.

Users can purchase SquidCards on the SQUIDverse NFT Marketplace. Cashback in the form of SQUID tokens is available for other items. Each product comes with a QR code that users may redeem. The platform uses a fixed conversion rate of 0.7:1 $USD.

Netflix Incentives

Holders can access Netflix, Spotify, and Crunchyroll after holding at least $5000 in SQUID Tokens for three months in a row. Subscriptions are sent through email and are valid for three months. Everyone who takes part in the presale receives a free month of Netflix.


SQUID token is the governance token of SQUID Finance. The platform is creating a simple and rewarding new way to invest in DeFi. 


The SQUID token has a fixed quantity and is deflationary. On the platform, the tokens get burned for every interaction with a smart contract. As a result, scarcity will increase the price of the SQUID token, ensuring its value increases over time.

Deflationary pressure will also keep inflation at bay. There will be no new tokens minted, removing the prospect of market cap dilution and dumping. The community will eventually manage the liquidity pool as well.

SQUID Token Cards

SQUID Cards are tangible or digitally downloaded cards purchased in SQUID and exchanged for the corresponding FIAT value. Cards feature one-of-a-kind QR codes that users may use to claim your tokens and transfer them to your preferred cryptocurrency wallet. SQUID apparel and other NFT Marketplace items will also have a portion of their FIAT value redeemed in SQUID tokens.

Token Details & Feature

Token Symbol: SQUID

Token Type: BEP-20 (PancakeSwap V2)

Dynamic Burn: 3%

Comet Reinvestment Fund: 2%

Dynamic Rewards: 1%

Tax/Slippage: 7%


SQUID BSC Chain Private Sale Rounds

During this seeding round, Squid Finance will give up to 5% of our total supply of $SQUID tokens to investors who want to contribute to the project's early development. Users can claim tokens within 48 hours following the sale event.

By taking part in the Private Sale, they will unlock user tokens on the day specified in the locker. Investors will receive their $SQUID tokens before the Public Presale after the sale round concludes.

Presale Allocations:

Maximum number of tokens for launch IDO: 3,470,000,000 $SQUID Tokens

Maximum number of tokens for DxSale Public Sale : 2,047,140,0004 $SQUID Tokens

PancakeSwap Liquidity: 70%

Presale bonus: 10%


  • Backed by Bitcoin and Binance: Not everyone has time to study charts. Squid Finance employs Institutional Grade Technical Analysis to expand its LP portfolio. Investors can purchase SQUID now and exchange it for Bitcoin later.
  • Trust and versatility for the entire ecosystem: Connecting eCommerce and DeFi via a FIAT onramp.
  • Secure: SolidProof has audited SQUID Finance and issued a report to show it has completely safe.


  • Relatively New: The platform is yet to develop, and many of its concepts are yet to be practical.
  • Relationship to a Show: The Squid token has some relation to Squid Games, and the reason might be receiving so much attention because of the show's popularity. When the 'bubble' is over, it might become a random token with a low market cap within the 6000+ tokens globally.


According to the roadmap, the first stage is pre-launch in the third quarter of 2021. Currently, the stage in progress is the launch and adoption stage. At this point, the features are such as the SQUID token listing on CoinGecko, application for Trust Wallet. There is also a SQUID Games promotional campaign such as running Facebook and Instagram ads.

Squid Finance scheduled the third stage for the second quarter of 2022. In May, we can expect a launch on Matic, listing on CoinmarketCap and SQUID wallet development. In July, there will be the SQUID Swap launch. For the rest of the year till December, there will be the publication of PoWreseach and rollout of the first SQUID Hardware Wallets. There will also be SQUID PoW blockchain development with auto-invest and Squid exchange launch or partnership.

Final Thoughts

The whitepaper demonstrates a well-thought-out method to accumulating token holdings through investing in larger-cap cryptos, which will undoubtedly contribute to the concept of their 'just hold squid' campaign. The team understands technical analysis and offers daily TA about significant capitalization in their Discord channel.

Examining their website's plans, which are well designed, reveals a route to growth with outstanding milestones. Launching numerous chains to integrate their swap further is an excellent strategy for the project to provide more value to investors via successive releases and expand their new concepts.

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