Shazu Creates Market Hype with a Reward Booster

Those active in the NFT market have probably already heard about Shazu. The project wishes to join the crypto passive income niche with an innovative and unique proposal.

Crypto investors are generally familiar with the high volatility of this market. While this feature can be rewarding in a bull market, a bear scenario can be hard on your wallet. 

For this reason, many traders are looking at the idea of earning passive income in the crypto market with interest. With SHAZU you can earn a steady income of 100% APY.

Shazu’s Origins

This project and crypto ecosystem chose the name “Shazu” to enter the market. For their enigmatic and fascinating character, the team decided to use ninjas as the protagonists of their story. As our readers may know, the ninja lifestyle started in Japan many millennia ago. 

They were a team of spies that worked under the cover of darkness, using shadows as a disguise. 

Shazu took inspiration from this Japanese cultural symbol. The team believes that crypto enthusiasts and the disciplined Ninja share many similarities. Anyone can join the Shazu Ninja Collective (or “SNC”) as long as they feel they have an inner Shazu. 

There are 1,500 NFTs in the SNC ecosystem, with 222 distinct features and differentiating categories. Hand-drawn and "Legendary Status” NFTs are particularly rare items in the collection. 

It is possible to exchange these Ethereum-based collectibles on the Opensea secondary market, a popular NFT marketplace.

How Does the Game Work?

The Shazu ecosystem will include a game employing the unique idea of S2M (Scratch to Mint). This choice aims to reduce costs and enhance the user experience. Obtaining one NFT from each category is the aim of this game.

The Action Cards Collection includes this type of NFT. The NFTs will run on the BSC Chain and the project’s internal marketplace system. 

The team designed the Action Cards to be unlimited in their supply. However, if you plan to maximize your return, the team advises you to burn the NFTs you own.

The project will announce new collections over time. This factor makes the first sets of NFTs rarer as the project progresses.

Boost Your Staking Rewards

You'll need to stake your SHAZU tokens together with the NFT action cards to increase your benefits. Depending on your initial stake size, you can earn tokens from the SHAZU Staking pool. 

The “boosting” feature of the staking system will increase your rewards, as the team explained in its Litepaper.

You will need another set of action cards when you wish to claim your SHAZU rewards and “unstake” your funds. It is also possible to unlock passive revenue by playing the S2M game.

The SHAZU Token

Shazu will not introduce any purchase or transfer tax for the tokens. The only tax that the system will use will hit token sales, amounting to 5%. Its proceeds will go to the Shazu Treasury (3%) and liquidity (2%).

No pre-sale or public sale of the SHAZU token occurred. Instead, the team solely used Pincubator to set up a community fundraising operation. 

Bottom Line

Shazu has big aspirations because of the uniqueness of its characteristics. Cryptocurrency passive income schemes are also an important consideration that will play an essential role in Shazu’s success. 

As a result of the market's notorious volatility, many risk-averse investors may appreciate the promise of a stable income. Check the team's website and social media accounts if you want to read the newest Shazu developments.

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