Polkadot Web3 Grant Project DNFT is connecting the isolated NFT world

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 12 May 2021

DNFT is a world-class network designed to provide top NFT and gaming services to its users. This platform, which is launching its mainnet soon, promises to offer many crypto services to users. 

The role of DNFT is to help NFT projects, and gaming platforms provide better services. DNFT will be based on the Polkadot ecosystem, thus will provide top services at fast and affordable charges. 

Among the top services to be provided vastly in the DNFT network include exchange, buying, selling, and creating NFT related services. 

Accordingly, the DNFT network will provide cross-chain solutions for NFT tokens between Ethereum, Polkadot, and other blockchains. This cross-chain solution will be possible because of its token.

The DNFT network mission is to encourage the development of the best-decentralized applications and software. Generally, the idea is to ensure NFT users and NFT enthusiasts will fully control their data.

The Grants and Hackathons Prizes won by DNFT

DNFT Protocol is the 9th Web3.0 Foundation grant project, BSC official grant project. It also won prizes in several hackathons, such as Dorahacks and Wanxiang Hackathon.

DNF Tokens

There will be a DNF ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum smart contracts. This ERC-20 token will help in running services on the Ethereum chain. 

There is also the DNF token, based on Polkadot, which will help run the mainnet network services. Exchanging the two tokens will be easy since they will have the same valuation; therefore, they can be exchanged on a 1:1 ratio.  

DNFT will institute the DNFT bridge, a tool that will help in the cross-chain interaction of the token and the DNFT ecosystem. Other blockchains with smart-contract capabilities will also enjoy the benefits of this bridge.

DNFT Providing Grants to Enrich its NFT Ecosystem

Primarily, all NFT and gaming networks will be encouraged to get under the hub of the DNFT network. The DNFT hub will open live as soon as the project's mainnet starts operating. 

To help NFT projects successfully reach the mainstream, DNFT will offer grants worth 10 million DNF. Moreover, DNFT will give technical training and help with information about the crypto industry. 

The grant program will help fund Polkadot-based software development while considering other blockchain tools like Kusama and Substrate. Generally, the DNFT network will provide services while remaining simple, efficient, effective, and transparent. 

Requirements to Get DNFT Grants

Any upcoming NFT and crypto gaming project can apply for the DNFT grants. However, there are requirements that all projects must fulfill to succeed in the grants. For instance;

  • All internal code must be open-sourced using either Apache 2.0, GPLv3, Unlicense, or MIT. The DNFT network will not work with projects using closed-source solutions.
  • The projects must either not have conducted a token sale, or conducted but not succeeded. 
  • The project should have a strict policy against gambling, money laundering, and many more criminal activities. 

How To Boost Your Chances of Getting the Grants

The first step to increase the chances of your project getting our grant is ensuring you have a workable project idea. For instance, you must have tested your concept to prove that the service you provide is needed. 

Moreover, when applying, you must show that you understand the technical functioning of your project. This means that you can explain how your project works and how it's better than its competitors. 

The team behind your project must have the required expertise to create this project. Therefore you need to give the list of your team members.  

You must prove that this project will not die immediately after the grant. Instead, there are perpetual funding mechanisms to ensure the project has life once it starts. 

The Final Word

The DNFT platform and team are working hard to ensure that the future of finance is digital. This platform aims to provide grants for upcoming NFT and game-related projects to ensure the projects hit mainstream adoptions and provide solutions. 

However, not every project will enjoy the support of the DNFT network. There are must requirements for every project that will help them stand to gain the grants. Moreover, since the platform primarily focuses on the current and future of crypto, the project must prove its long-term existence.

The DNFT team and technology will ensure that the services offered are of the best quality. It's true to say that as an ecosystem for NFT, DNFT will drive faster NFT and crypto adoption.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Readers are encouraged to conduct further research before taking any action. Crypto Adventure does not endorse any crypto projects cryptocurrencies listed, mentioned, or linked to on our site.

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