Newer Crypto Exchanges for Spot Trading

Newer Crypto Exchanges for Spot Trading

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 28 Jan 2021

What do we call a market that delivers assets immediately when traded? Spot market! These markets use the principle of 'on the spot' delivery. Spot trading is vital in the crypto world, especially when investors want to enjoy short-term price fluctuations, and thus buy assets to trade them instantly. 

However, currently, most crypto exchanges do not support the spot trading features. Most platforms focus on using future contract principles, thus assets are delivered later.  

Fortunately, recently, there has been growth in the crypto industry, with new exchange platforms using spot trading features. 

Here are the newer exchanges that offer spot trading services.


Bityard is a Crypto option contract exchange platform first launched in Singapore in November 2019. Bityard provides the best spot trading opportunities helping users earn maximum income. The platform is highly usable and convenient, with the dashboard displaying the coins. It shows the real-time coin prices of the assets you choose to trade. 

Moreover, by single navigation on the panel, you can see open orders in real-time. It's easy to follow through the personal order history and the entire trade history. 

Withdrawals and deposits in the Bityard spot trading corner are in USDT. The transaction completion time is short, and as such, it's easy for users to take advantage of any short term market volatilities. The spot handling fee in Bityard is also quite favorable, with the maker and taker being charged 0.1% each. 

Bithumb Global

Bithumb global is a South Korean based crypto exchange founded in May 2019 and has since gained high daily volumes hitting over $1 billion. The platform focuses on institutional adoption, making it acquire such large trading volumes. It's a multilingual platform available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, and Hindi. 

Using Bithumb, you can quickly deposit in fiat using KRW, but for all other people globally, they can use the supported crypto assets. The platform has got high trading volumes and, as such, has been able to maintain full liquidity. 

The Bithumb platform provides three different classes of spot trading options. There is the primary option that merely supports BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC, and XRP. The second option is Standard, supporting even more assets and offering utmost convenience. 

The final option is the advanced option, containing a world of assets, fiat, and crypto, providing users with the best opportunity. It shows historical data and other details about the prices of the crypto. 

Bithumb also fosters favorable spot handling charges, with the makers and takers being charged at a 0.1% constant rate. 


Liechtenstein Cryptoassets Exchanges, acronym LCX, is a new crypto trading medium designed to offer an exchange for a wide array of digital currencies. LCX aims to be the top secure, licensed and regulated cryptocurrency exchange and marketplace as a crypto exchange. Currently, the LCX is licensed under registration Nr 288159, being the first of Liechtenstein's kind.  

LCX hosts top crypto assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin, and LCX Token at launch. LCX token is the native utility token in the LCX exchange. It's the primary token of the platform, designed to help in the payment of services fees. 

LCX also shows real-time trading values and trading volumes in the platform, helping all users make the right investment choice at the right time. The market section shows the different markets in the LCX platform in real-time. 

Like the aforementioned, LCX also has maximum convenience; just by a free click, any person rookie or experienced can sign up for the platform's services. 


Bitvavo is a crypto spot exchange network launched on March 8, 2019, as a bridge between traditional and modern finance gaps. Before 2019, the platform was merely a crypto broker but later upgraded to a spot trading platform. It fosters the best security features and all regulatory protocols. 

According to their website, a user can buy and exchange over 57 crypto assets with a maximum trading fee of 0.25%. There is a Euro gateway of all the digital assets. A live chart shows the volumes, latest trades, and many other crypto asset trading changes. 

This platform also offers cheap trading fees, but the fees depend on 30-day trading volume. The highest taker and maker fee is 0.25% and 0.15%, respectively, for a trading volume below $100 thousand.

Bittrex Global

Bittrex global is a crypto exchange network based in Liechtenstein aiming to be the topmost financial system adhering to regulatory governance. Additionally, this platform operates globally. 

Navigating slightly to the platform's market icon, you get the page where you can easily buy and trade BTC and other cryptos instantly. Currently, Bittrex supports over three hundred assets and over 500 pair options. 

When you touch on individual pairs, for instance, the BTC-USD pair, you open the live charts of these particular pairs, noticing how they are faring in real-time. Bittrex, although new, proves to be a rock when it comes to the security and user-friendliness of the network. 

Bittrex spot trading fees depend on the trade value of the asset in a given month. The highest maker and taker rates are 0.2% for trades below $50 thousand. 

Final Word

Although many new crypto spot trading platforms are joining the crypto world every other year, not all are successful. However, the ones mentioned above have proven that they are ready to transform the crypto exchange market in the short time they have been in operation. The write-up shows the security, scalability, and reliability of each platform. 

Bityard, for instance, offers spot trading for crypto options and implants some future rich features for security. Bithumb global, an improvement from Bithumb, has been able to garner millions in trading volumes. Others like LCX, Bitvavo, and Bittrex are also feature-rich, and as such, investors should try them out.

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