Moon Token - A Community-Led NFT Liquidity Generator

Moon Token - A Community-Led NFT Liquidity Generator

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 15 Apr 2021

Liquidity is crucial to the growth of any project. The developers behind Moon Token recognized these concerns and have developed a unique automated yield and liquidity generation protocol. This network combines some top DeFi features like Liquidity Pools with a unique Liquidity building mechanism to create a constantly growing pool.

This strategy entails taking 8% of every transaction fee and automatically adding it to the liquidity pool. These funds remain locked in the pool for the life of the project. In this way, every new user helps to build on the success of the platform. 

Additionally, users that HODL the platform's native token, MOON, receive a portion of the transaction fees on the network automatically. Specifically, they are entitled to 2% of every transaction fee. These users don’t have to do anything to qualify for these rewards except to hold MOON in a linked wallet. It’s that simple.

The Moon Token

The Moon Token works like a pass to all the network's features and services. You can use MOON to pay fees and receive some discounts. You are also paid rewards in MOON. MOON holders can vote on network changes via the community governance mechanism. These voters can submit proposals and let the community vote. These proposals can put forth changes to the fees, functions, and vital technical aspects of the network. There are 1,000,000,000,000,000 Moon Tokens set for issuance. 

Community Burns

Part of Moon Token’s strategy involves burning tokens. Token burns remove coins from circulation forever. The goal here is to increase the demand by upping the scarcity of the token. Deflationary protocols continue to see use in the DeFi sector since it was discovered by early platforms that the unpredictable nature of LP tokens can negatively affect their value.

Early DeFi Errors

Basically, if you issue LP tokens every time someone invests. Eventually, you end up with too many tokens to maintain the value of the project. Burning these tokens helps to maintain the value of these tokens and gives developers more control over future demand.

Secure Code

The Moon Project has already completed a full code audit by Tech Rate. The firm approved of the platform's core coding. In the coming weeks, a second third-party audit is scheduled to be conducted by another reputable firm, Certik Contract Audit. This level of scrutiny towards the project will help to ensure there are no attack vectors within the protocol.

Earn Liquidity Pool Rewards 

Earning passive rewards is easy when you utilize Moon Token’s Liquidity Pools. Liquidity Pools are easier for new users compared to trading crypto for many reasons. Primarily, trading takes a lot of research and constant monitoring. New users prefer to receive more consistent rewards with less effort whenever possible. Additionally, the structure of the network means that the platform retains more liquidity every time a new member joins.

A Bright Future

According to company documents, Moon Token has a lot of new features in the works. The project scheduled multiple CEX listings for Q3. CEX listings usually push the value of a token up considerably because it opens the token to a larger market. Additionally, CEXs have participation from major investment firms that control billions in capital. 

The developers also plan to launch an iOS and Android app by the end of the year. The Dapp will allow you to participate in the network while on the go. Mobile DeFi platforms are considered the future of the market. These Dapps will see additional support from the network in the form of an ETH and MATIC bridge mechanism that is currently under development by the team.

Binance Smart Chain 

The ETH Bridge, in particular, could be a game-changer for the network. Moon Token doesn’t live on Ethereum's blockchain like many other DeFi applications. The developers decided to go with the Binance Smart Chain as their underlying technology because it’s faster, offers more functions, and has lower fees.

The Binance Smart Chain is a fourth-gen blockchain built specifically to serve the DeFi community. It supports cool features like staking, NFTs, and mining pools. Additionally, it can scale to meet the needs of the market without raising gas prices through the roof. 

Ethereum DeFi users will tell you that the network is currently in the midst of its highest gas fees ever. In some instances, the gas fee has been more than the actual transaction. For these reasons, many people have ceased to utilize Ethereum-based Dapps in a bid to avoid these ridiculous costs eliminating any profit potential. This migration has catapulted the Binance Smart Chain into the limelight.

BSC Ecosystem Expands

The BSC ecosystem is much smaller than Ethereum's at the moment. However, it’s seen record growth this year as new platforms and development teams make the switch to avoid high fees and delays. Notably, Moon Token is among the first automated liquidity generating protocols on the network. As such, it serves a niche in the market perfectly.

 NFT Marketplace

Another cool feature to look out for this year is the NFT marketplace. Moon Token will provide users with a secure trading experience via a full NFT marketplace. The NFT industry has expanded at record rates this year. However, all of this expansion doesn’t necessarily mean that there is more active liquidity in the market. The thing about NFTs is that they are not priced so much on a market level. In most instances, their value is derived from a combination of price comparison and technical characteristics. 

Since NFTs represent unique assets, their pricing can vary greatly between tokens of the same issuance. There are already million-dollar NFTs in the market. The problem with this system is that the funds spent on these tokens remain locked. The higher the price of the NFT, the more funds remain locked. In the end, these purchases add to the market cap, but not the available liquidity in the market. Moon Token builds its own liquidity.

Moon Token - A Project Rising

Moon Token has already secured over $4million in liquidity since its recent launch. The platform has accomplished this task thanks to participation from 6000+ investors. You can join the Moon Token network by providing liquidity or acquiring MOON from PancakeSwap.

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