Introducing the Shrimpy Academy: A New Way to Learn About Crypto

Since 2018, Shrimpy has been supporting cryptocurrency investors with its portfolio management platform. Now in 2021, the platform is taking the next step by assisting new users and helping them understand how the decentralized and disruptive market works by introducing the Shrimpy Academy.

The objective of the Shrimpy Academy is to help beginners learn about blockchain by providing educational resources on the simplest concepts all the way up to highly advanced topics designed for experts.

Behind the Academy

The Shrimpy Academy is a free educational portal that offers high-quality content for crypto students. Users can access hundreds of posts that cover anything from how blockchains operate to DeFi's revolutionary approach to decentralizing banking services and products. 

Those who went into the world of cryptocurrency had a hard time at first due to the large but bad amount of learning resources. Shrimpy recognizes this issue and offers guides to blockchain fundamentals all on one platform. The mission behind Shrimpy Academy is:

Make Blockchain Education Accessible

There is no Library of Alexandria for blockchain technology. The academy, hence, aims to collect all relevant information scattered across the internet to build a unique hub for crypto resources.

Help Learners Grow

Decentralized technology changes the way our finances are used and regulated. They want to support the community, who participate in a competitive and often predatory market, as much as possible.

Bring Back Trust

The Shrimpy Academy seeks to represent a trusted educational source void of any biases. The website's content provides readers with objective insight into how cryptocurrencies function.

Content Offered on Shrimpy Academy

The Shrimpy team organizes the information on the academy's website depending on how knowledgeable the learner is of the crypto world.

The beginner section, as the name suggests, has articles relevant to folks who are new to crypto. Here, they can start their journey from the fundamentals of cryptocurrency and the different types of cryptocurrencies.

The intermediate section covers more advanced details about blockchain. Once you know the basics, it is time to get your hands dirty by diving deeper into trading, investing, and technical blockchain features.

Finally, we have the advanced section that you can board after some experience in the crypto world. Here, you can discover great content on highly complex concepts such as trading bots, advanced trading tools, and innovative blockchain features.

Other Features

Apart from the academy, where you can learn all about blockchain, Shrimpy is a website that provides investors and traders with the opportunity to manage their total balance across various cryptocurrency exchanges. Here are other features it offers;

Portfolio Management

Shrimpy defines portfolio management again by empowering traders to automate their portfolios and interact in various trading strategies with other traders.

Shrimpy doesn't use trading indicators or signals nor manage user portfolios, unlike other portfolio management platforms in the crypto space. In portfolio management, it employs simplistic but efficient automation techniques such as averaging dollar costs, re-equalizing, and long-term performance monitoring.

Social Trading

Another aspect of Shrimpy is social trading. The feature allows users to copy successful traders and benefit from their expertise. The copy trade method of Shrimpy is unparalleled. In contrast to others, Shrimpy focuses on building a community of traders who help each other out. 

The social trading feature of Shrimpy is perfect for new traders with limited experience as they can automatically align their portfolio with existing traders.

Shrimpy for Developers

Shrimpy is not just about portfolio automation and social trading. The platform also features an API for handling crypto-related data that allows developers to create crypto trading algorithms, portfolio management apps, and crypto indicators seamlessly.

Shrimpy APIs are the perfect way to handle your account exchange and generally collect data in real-time and trade. Developers can implement each extensive exchange quickly on their platforms using one single API without writing custom code for each exchange. The Shrimpy API provides blockchain developers with an excellent opportunity to build competitive crypto trading platforms.

Closing Out

Overall, Shrimpy is a robust platform that can automatically manage a crypto portfolio with excellent features such as portfolio automation and social trading. The platform is an exciting place to manage your cryptos across multiple areas. And now, with its academy, you can learn more about the crypto space despite your level of expertise. There is a place for everyone on the Shrimpy platform.

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