GSX: The Best Crypto Investment in 2020

GSX: The Best Crypto Investment in 2020

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 27 Jul 2020

The introduction of cryptocurrencies caused a wave in the financial world. Like any new concept, the idea of digital currencies attracted both supporters and opposers. For the pessimists, the concept of virtual currencies did not seem possible. For the enthusiasts, cryptocurrencies would provide solutions for the challenges that the traditional fiat system posed.

One of the areas that cryptos helped broaden was the investment field. The digital currencies presented a new way of investing. However, as much as cryptos are an excellent way of investing in digital assets, they do pose some limitations that deter many investors.

Stablecoins were developed to deal with some of the limitations that cryptocurrencies posed. Now, it seems that these coins are also not the answer and have limitations of their own.

So, how does a coin overcome these challenges? GSX, from Apollo Fintech, promises to do so by combining the positive elements from each party. This article will delve into how GSX plans to achieve that. But first, what are these limitations of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins?

Limitations of Cryptocurrencies in Investment

Undoubtedly, cryptocurrencies come with several disadvantages. Their decentralized nature helps users to get rid of third-party intermediaries such as banks and governments. In doing so, users can lower the transaction fees, achieve faster transaction speeds, and achieve better transparency of the transactions, which are recorded in a public ledger.

That said, these digital currencies present some limitations, which could be a significant drawback to the use of cryptocurrencies in investment.

The most significant drawback is price volatility. The value of digital currencies keeps fluctuating, depending on market demand. Other factors, such as news and current events, also affect the spot rate price of cryptocurrencies. For example, the cryptocurrency market experienced a crash, following a surge in the COVID-19 numbers earlier this year.

There are several reasons behind cryptocurrencies’ volatility. Top of the list is the lack of inherent value. Usually, governments regulate their fiat currencies to maintain low inflation rates and increase investment in capital resources to ensure the currency’s growth.

Cryptocurrencies don’t have a central authority governing them, which means that there is no guarantee for their minimum valuation. If, for example, a large group of crypto holders decided to dump the crypto, its value would decrease significantly. Users who had invested significant amounts in the said cryptocurrency would, therefore, suffer substantial losses. It is for reasons such as this that investors steer away from digital currencies.

Stablecoins as Investment Options

The volatile nature of cryptocurrencies forced developers to get back to the drawing board. Stablecoins were developed as an answer to the fluctuating prices of digital currencies. Unlike other digital currencies, stablecoins have their value pegged onto other tangible and intangible assets. Most usually have their values pegged onto fiat currencies such as the USD, while others peg their value onto gold and diamond, among other assets.

Stablecoins try to provide a balance between the fiat currencies and digital currencies. Because they have the backing of real-world assets, they function quite similarly to fiat currencies. On the other hand, they are decentralized in nature, allowing them to harness the advantages of not having an intermediary.

However, much these coins present several advantages over other cryptocurrencies, stablecoins are also not ideal for investment. The primary reason for this is that they rarely increase in value. Unlike other cryptocurrencies that are steered by the volatile nature in the market to help improve their value, stablecoins remain mostly unaffected, unless the underlying asset significantly increases in value. In this regard, these digital currencies are not the best options for investors who are looking to cash in faster.

GSX: The Ideal Blend of Cryptocurrencies and Stablecoins

Apollo Fintech, a leading provider of innovative blockchain solutions, is looking to introduce the first stablecoin that will perpetually grow in value. Gold Secured Currency, GSX, combines all the ideal characteristics of a cryptocurrency and a stablecoin, to offer the perfect choice for an investment coin.

GSX, which is trust-backed, encompasses all the benefits of cryptocurrencies. There’s no central authority governing its functioning and distributions. Additionally, the coin offers transparency as all the users in the ecosystem can keep track of all the transactions.

GSX has its value backed by gold and gold-rich land, which makes it a stablecoin. Apollo Fintech is responsible for mining precious metals in over 3,000+ acres of platinum and gold rich land in Zimbabwe. The company’s investment in mining infrastructure and more mining lands holds the key to GSX’s increase in value. As the land and infrastructure increase in value with time, so will the price of GSX rise. Besides, Apollo will use 50% of the income after expenses and growth to back GSX.

GSX holders will have claim rights to the land, mines, refinery, and equipment used. The claim rights will be held in a trust so that holders have legally-binding ownership. Therefore, the value of the stablecoin will keep increasing as Apollo gains more assets and expands its operations.

Additionally, Apollo provides a variety of blockchain solutions. The company will reinvest 25% of the transaction fees generated from these products. Apollo will use this income to buy more land and gold to back the GSX coin.

GSX CDE and Token Sale

Apollo will be holding a CDE for GSX. During the event, 10 billion coins of the total 30 billion GSX coins will be available for purchase. The coins will sell at $0.046. Apollo Fintech will hold the remaining 20 billion coins for one year from the date of the distribution event.

Currently, GSX is running a token sale on their website. Each day, buyers receive a percentage buying bonus for the GSX coins they purchase. Besides, GSX is offering additional quantity bonuses for a limited time. For examples, buyers who acquire more than 50,000 coins receive a 5% bonus, 10% bonus for more than 500,000 coins and a 15% bonus is available for buyers who purchase more than 5,000,000 coins.

Author’s Note

Cryptocurrencies and stable coins provide several advantages, and we cannot deny that they were excellent additions to the financial world. However, the limitations imposed by their nature make them unsuitable for investments, which has been a significant hindrance in mass adoption.

Gold Secured Currency is a digital currency that brings together the positive attributes of cryptos and stablecoins. In doing so, GSX has managed to provide the ultimate solution for investors who would love to venture into digital assets. The coin comes with gold and gold-rich land backing, which in turn ensures the coin’s perpetual growth. 

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