Divs - An Easy-To-Use Exchange That Earn Rewards in TRON

Divs - An Easy-To-Use Exchange That Earn Rewards in TRON

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 23 Jan 2021

Divs is a hybrid exchange and API interface that makes finding the best rate on your favorite coins easier than ever. The Divs API interface allows users to trade assets across the world’s top centralized exchanges without the need to register for accounts or fill out long KYC forms.  Unlike the competition, Divs introduces a TRON-based rewards program to provide a unique exchange and reward experience to users.

Benefits of Divs.io

There are a lot of benefits gained from using the Divs exchange. For one, Divs eliminates any inconsistency between exchanges and provides a seamless experience using multiple exchanges on the back end. The developers have removed all the technical barriers and created a universally easy interface that makes onboarding new users & platforms a breeze.

Decentralize the Centralized Exchanges

Divs takes the exchange concept a step further with its rewards program. The system gives users benefits via a staking pool. Currently, centralized exchanges have a lot of advantages that make them ideal for new traders. They provide investors with large liquidity, speed, and a variety of coins/tokens to trade. The main downside of these exchanges is their fees and the fact that you can’t trade anonymously or earn rewards.

Giving Back to the Community

Divs introduces a proprietary fee model that redistributes exchange trading fees back to the community. Specifically, 0.5% of the total exchange volume is distributed to Divs token stakers as rewards.  Uniquely, these rewards are paid out in the popular coin TRON. The decision to pay user rewards in TRON rather than a native token provides a host of benefits.


At this moment, most reward tokens are inflationary in nature. Rewards tokens have an unpredictable monetary issuance structure. Sadly, the more rewards tokens in the market, the less the value of the digital asset. By distributing rewards in TRON. Divs users reduce inflationary exposure. Best of all, these rewards are distributed weekly. Additionally, there is a finite supply of Divs which also adds to the future scarcity of these coins.

Trade Anonymously

You also avoid the headaches and delays associated with KYC compliance. Centralized exchanges must adhere to these regulations when they offer fiat currency trading pairs. However, Divs users don’t need to create accounts or register. As such, the network is a great way to onboard investors in a seamless manner.  

Best Pricing Across the Top Exchanges

The Divs API provides some advanced capabilities not found with competitors. The protocol automatically searches multiple exchanges to ensure that you always get the best rate possible. Additionally, the system can arbitrage from one exchange to another to maximize your profits.

Fast Exchanges

In terms of performance, Divs is competitive. The interface takes between 5-30 minutes on average to complete a trade. Exchanges using coins/tokens with faster blockchain confirmations will be completed more quickly than slower blockchains.


Divs leverages a trusted API provider to ensure that the network has full interoperability with the world's top centralized exchanges. The interface is supported by Binance, Okex, Kraken, and many more. As such, the network's API provider is respected as an industry leader.


Divs offers users a competitive fee structure as well. The network features a low fee rate that starts at 1%. With .5% going directly to stakers as tron rewards.

How Does Divs.io Works?

Divs operates in a manner that streamlines all your trading needs. The exchange interface removes all the technical barriers and allows anyone to conduct complex cross-exchange trading strategies from one easy to use interface with just 3 simple steps.

Divs Tokens

The Divs token is the native token of the Divs network. There will only be a finite supply of 10,000,000 Divs tokens released. This scarcity will ensure that the staking system remains profitable for participants as time progresses. 


Anyone can stake Divs tokens to earn rewards. These rewards are distributed in TRON and based on the time and amount you stake. Interestingly, the network also considers the total weekly exchange volume.

Unlike the competition, there is no lock or wait period on staking pools. Specifically, Divs staking rewards are distributed every Monday at 00:00 am UTC. In this way, users can secure extra profits conducting their normal trading activities. The goal here is to reach a point where your staking rewards surpass your trading fees. In this way, Divs provides more incentive for users to participate.

Mobile App

Notably, Divs plans to release a mobile Dapp this year. While details still remain scarce, developers stated the interface would include all the primary functionality of the Divs online portal and is scheduled launch Q2 2021. 

Crowdsale of Divs.io

Interested investors can participate in Divs crowdsale now. The event went live on January 9th, 2021, at 4 pm UTC, with 5,000,000 Divs tokens for sale. The strategy behind the token launch is simple, 50% of the total supply will be split evenly between 4 rounds. Per industry standards, each round will see the price of Divs increase slightly.

Uniquely, this crowdsale only accepts TRON, featuring a minimum purchase of 2,000 TRON and a maximum purchase of 350,000 TRON per round. Interestingly, 52% of the funds raised in the presale will go towards providing liquidity for the open market and will be locked there indefinitely. This strategy will help to get the project’s momentum up to full speed quicker as their plan is to have over $450k in liquidity once it hits the open market.

Divs - A New Approach for a New Market

The developers behind Divs created a powerful hybrid exchange and API interface that provides a unique trading experience with rewards. Users are sure to enjoy the fact that the network distributes rewards in TRON directly, utilizing all their favorite exchanges without the complexity. 

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