DistX, The Best Token Sale Platform Presenting an Exciting UI Design

DistX, The Best Token Sale Platform Presenting an Exciting UI Design

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 22 Sep 2020

DistX is your ultimate token issuing platform, providing information, creating, and hosting all lucrative token sales in the crypto market. The platform presents its brandy user interface design, facilitating the best user experience a token sale platform can offer. They recently posted a glimpse of what everyone can expect on their dashboards once the platform launches officially at the end of October.

DistX recognizes the rising need for token sales for successful project development. Likewise, it hopes to create a safe and convenient environment for all investors to participate in these sales, depending on their preferences. 

It avails the ongoing ICOs listed on its platform, links to websites and their whitepapers, token sale settings, terms, and progress. Additionally, it has an exciting feature called hype rating. It displays how much organic hype an ongoing token sale has and ranks it. Furthermore, users can always view the token sales they previously participated in and the redeemable tokens they have from them.


All After a Successful Token Sale

DistX recently rounded up their outstanding private and public token sales. It hopes to stay on schedule for its planned roadmap without sacrificing all it offers its users. Therefore, the platform is taking its time to build everything to perfection, including looking for reliable partners and exchange listings in preparation for its launch. 


DistX has two primary tokens that support everything running within its system: DISTX and DISTXR. 

DISTX is an ERC-20 compatible token that users will utilize for all trades on DistX. There are 50 million tokens for total supply, where half of them went to the platform’s token sale. After the Uniswap listing, it locked 20% of the tokens in Uniswap’s liquidity pool. 20% will go to activities, such as marketing, exchange listings, and more, while the remaining 10% to the team.

The top 200 DISTX token holders have a significant advantage of sharing 2% of the total number of tokens in every token sale. Moreover, all holders get early access once the platform launches, receiving a headstart to all lucrative deals.

The other token, DISTXR, is a non-fungible token (ERC-721) that is redeemable on the platform. It acts as a receipt for all token sale contributions on DistX, which a participant gets once they involve themselves in any sale. 

A holder can redeem it for an equivalent amount of the tokens they earn from a sale. There is no total amount of DISTXR tokens since they instantly generate every time a user contributes to a token sale.

What More Can DistX Users Expect?

DistX is a problem solver, reducing the risks of holding and participating in token sales. The advantages are limitless to both the token sale holders and contributors, without forgetting the DISTX holders. Some of these include:


Every participant can access all token sales on one platform, receiving a DISTXR token for every participation. They can choose several wallets where they intend to send their contributions. The token sale holders can get their raised ETH immediately to the set address once they achieve the set sale’s goals. If not, the platform will refund contributed funds to all the participants’ wallets.

As for the token sale holders, they define the settings for their token sale, including goals, limits for the number of contributors, the beginning and end date, and more. After that, the system will automatically perform every activity of the token sale, such as token creation, distribution, Uniswap listing, etc. 

Security and Anonymity

DistX has fully decentralized and automated smart contracts for the ensured safety of all participants’ funds. Furthermore, all users can access all information on token sales, including previous and current settings, to avoid any shady undertaking by token holders. The platform values transparency above all else and hopes to maintain trust with all users.

On anonymity, the platform enables mixing tokens during contribution to ensuring all user identities remain masked. This feature makes token sales more desirable for any potential contributors. 


Token sale holders can utilize the existing users on the platform as members of the sale. The top 200 DISTX holders are the first free token holders of any token sale on DistX. 

Concerning exposure, the platform will advertise the upcoming and ongoing token sales alike. Also, all DISTX holders can expect a brighter future for the token with more exchange listings, burning, increased locked liquidity, development, and more. 

A Rewarding Future for Token Sale

There is an expected growth of DistX as a token issuing platform. According to its team, it is ambitious but maintains the value of meaningful delivery. Therefore, the brains behind the project hope to build continuously, adding beneficial aspects for all users. The UI design is the beginning of memorable user accessibility and experience.

It redefines every aspect of traditional ICOs, acting as an escrow for contributor funds, eliminating fraudulent activities. Besides, it upholds transparency, accountability, and discretion, integrating token mixing and smart contracts. Eventually, the crypto world will appreciate the full value of the platform and its offers after it launches on October 28. 

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