DEXPRO - A Next-Generation Uniswap Add-on

DEXPRO - A Next-Generation Uniswap Add-on

As decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap continue to gobble up more market share, now, more than ever, traders need access to advanced tools. Uniswap is sweet in terms of security but it lacks sorely when compared to centralized exchanges in terms of UX. Uniswap only offers traders four basic functionalities: buy, sell, add, and remove liquidity. 

Despite the restrictive approach to the market, Uniswap has managed to become a favorite exchange for ERC-20 crypto traders globally. Much of this success can be attributed to the openness of the platform to the market. It’s the perfect starting point for new projects because there are no major startup requirements and it allows unlimited token listings.

ERC-20 Tokens

Erc-20 tokens are the most popular token standard in the world. There are over 180,000 ERC-20 tokens in use currently. These tokens enjoy optimal interoperability within the ERC-20 sector. Consequently, they will also enjoy the benefits of a powerful new toolset - DEXPRO. 


DEXPRO is a new type of hybrid exchange upgrade. This unique toolset empowers traders and helps you to push your ROIs to new heights. Specifically, the developers borrow the most powerful tools from the centralized exchange sector and introduce them to DEX traders. In this way, DEXPRO transforms Uniswap into a next-generation hybrid trading platform. 

Uniswap Lacks

No one can argue the fact that Uniswap lacks access to all the in-depth trading tools such as detailed trading capabilities found in recognized centralized platforms like Coinbase Pro. Additionally, keeping track of new tokens requires manually adding them to your interface one at a time. Needless to say, this process is a weak spot in the system. It often leads to incorrect and duplicate token listings. 

DPro Token 

DPro functions as the main utility and governance token in the DEXPRO ecosystem. Users utilize this token to handle various tasks within the DEXPRO network. For example, you need to hold a certain amount of DPRO tokens to gain the ability to vote on technical upgrades. 

Say Bye to Malicious Parties  

In addition to guiding development, you can vote malicious parties out of the network. This governance model provides the network with a fair and honest way to guide future developments. DEXPRO puts the community in the driver's seat.

Staking DPro

DPro allows users to stake and earn a passive income. There are three tiers in the DEXPRO network. The more DPro you hold, the more features you unlock. The top token holders receive voting rights, early access to new features, and other exclusive access. 

DEXPRO Has the Features to Change the Game

No other platform accomplishes even close to what DEXPRO is capable of. This next-gen interface is exactly what the DEX sector needs to flourish. Here are just a few of the features that keep new users flocking to the platform in record numbers. 

Tracker Tool

Keeping track of all those UniSwap listings was a major pain in the neck. You could spend your entire day monitoring the market. If you got up to go to the bathroom, you could miss a listing. Plus, there is no other information about these new listings to help you determine the value of these tokens or the services they provide.

In the DEXPRO ecosystem, all new listings carry a trust score. Think of the trust score as a rating of the company's ROI potential and technical capabilities. These scores cover a wide variety of critical metrics used by investors. The best part is that you can adjust these metrics to ensure that you receive notifications for any platforms that meet your investment requirements.

Set Price Alerts

Unlike Uniswap, DEXPRO is all about bringing you brilliant, beautiful, interactive price and liquidity charts. Here it’s easy to set up all of your alerts and monitor market activity in real-time.  

Liquidity Alerts

Another amazing feature exclusive to DEXPRO is Liquidation Alerts. These are notification alerts you can set to receive whenever large amounts of liquidity is added or removed from the market. In this way, you have a safety blanket if a malicious party tries to remove liquidity. 

Whale Alerts

Along the same lines of thought, you can protect your investment from Whales using the Whale Alert Feature. A Whale is someone that owns enough cryptocurrency to affect the entire market. Whenever a whale dumps their bags, the market value of the project drops in seconds. 

Only DEXPRO users are able to track large buy/sell or large token movement from one wallet to another. You can easily see if someone attempts to manipulate the market by buying or dumping huge amounts of crypto. The platform allows you to flag these accounts. The next time they start to move assets, you will already be prepared to adjust your strategy accordingly.


Savvy investors know that Bots can make your trading experience much more profitable. These preprogrammed protocols allow you to avoid major losses. Additionally, you can set up your Bot to lock in your profits daily. It’s for these reasons that Bots are a core tool for professional traders nowadays.

Centralized exchanges incorporate bots in nearly every possible manner. Until now, decentralized exchanges lacked this integration and their users suffered. Now, everyone has access to these exciting trading tools.

The DEXPRO Solution

No platform is perfect. Uniswap functions perfectly as a basic and simplistic ERC-20 exchange. DEXPRO's approach to building upon this network is admirable. The firm possesses the skills and network to ensure its project sees success. For now, traders are lining up in droves to be one of the first to get their hands on the DEXPRO interface. Check out the MultiSwap alpha version which is live for use now.

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