Crypto Trading Groups Migrate to Shrimpy in Record Numbers

Crypto Trading Groups Migrate to Shrimpy in Record Numbers

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 17 Sep 2020

A combination of advanced features and an intuitive UX continues to drive new investors to the Shrimpy social trading platform. Shrimpy offers users some unique and exciting opportunities that the competition doesn't. These advanced protocols simplify crypto trading and drive more investors towards the blockchain sector.

What is Shrimpy?

The San Francisco-based platform, Shrimpy continues to pioneer social trading strategies within the sector. This next-generation trading platform was built to serve the wider cryptocurrency community through a variety of means. Specifically, Shrimpy provides a more efficient and profitable way to get involved with cryptocurrencies. The platform integrates a robust design that simplifies crypto investing for both new and expert investors alike.

Portfolio Automation

Savvy investors know that automating your portfolio is a smart way to keep your long term investment strategy in place. Automated portfolios decrease risk and increase profits over time. Additionally, they free up your time. Nobody has all day to monitor crypto prices. Unfortunately, the market's volatility makes this critical when you lack automation.

Shrimpy Alters the Market

Prior to Shrimpy, many investors utilized signal groups to improve their ROI. Signal groups allow new traders to follow experienced traders via a forum. Here the group leader publicly posts their trades in real-time. While these groups were popular, they lacked the automation platforms like Shrimpy now possess. 

This made joining and monitoring these groups cumbersome for all parties. It was common for a trader to miss a post and therefore, miss a golden trade opportunity. These missed opportunities led many signal groups to search out a better strategy. 

The Evolution of Signal Groups

Copy-trading takes all the best aspects of signal groups and removes all of the work. Users no longer need to determine what strategies to follow in real-time and how to apply them to their own assets. Shrimpy allows trading groups to operate more efficiently through automation. In this way, Shrimpy provides a new level of convenience to this sector.

Recognizing these benefits, many signal groups chose to migrate over to copy-trading accounts on Shrimpy recently. This maneuver allowed the groups to reduce their workload while simultaneously increasing profitability. Today, Shrimpy is home to some of the most active trading groups in the sector.

How Shrimpy Works

The Shrimpy social trading platform combines a mix of proven and new technologies to help people achieve their cryptocurrency investment goals. As part of this monumental strategy, the platform offers access to 16 cryptocurrencies exchanges with hundreds of different cryptocurrencies. This approach ensures liquidity within the platform. Here are some of the features that keep Shrimpy ahead of the competition:

Portfolio Rebalancing

Portfolio Rebalancing is a popular feature usually found in the stock trading sector. This protocol actively changes your portfolio to meet your percentage criteria during market volatility. This strategy ensures that you remain in-line with your long term triaging goals without the need to spend hours a day tracking your investments. Currently, Shrimpy offers two forms of portfolio rebalancing:


The first rebalancing function relies on a preset schedule. This feature will evaluate and readjust your holdings at a preset time every day. This feature will work for specific purposes. However, you can incur more fees, especially if you reorganize your portfolio daily, even when it’s not necessary.

Threshold Rebalancing

Threshold Rebalancing adjusts your holdings based on a preset allocation percentage. This strategy is the most popular amongst traders because it keeps your portfolio inline with minimum fees.

Custom Crypto Index Funds

Shrimpy offers a smart indexing tool that allows you to compile a crypto index with ease. Best of all, your index will automatically rebalance to fit your investment criteria. Additionally, this dynamic tool lets you weight your index by the market capitalization or by equal weights automatically.

Weighted portfolios

A weighted portfolio will include the top 10 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Additionally, the coins with the highest market cap will hold the highest percentage in your portfolio. Impressively, the platform automatically reorganizes your holdings to ensure that you hold only the top 20 tokens in your portfolio.

Equal Weighting

You can also select to keep your portfolio equally weighted. In this scenario, your portfolio will include equal percentages of the coins you select.

Social Trading

Social Trading allows you to follow other people’s trading strategies automatically. This is a revolutionary feature that provides new investors with the opportunity to follow experienced traders and learn. In this way, new investors gain valuable insight into the market and popular trading strategies.

Experienced traders can earn extra revenue if they choose to share their trading strategy with the community. Shrimpy Pays you $4/month for each follower you gain. If you are the giving type, you can even select to offer your trades publicly for free. In this way, Shrimpy provides users with passive income. 

Shrimpy - A Refreshing Break from the Norm

After seeing all the unique and amazing features Shrimpy offers its clientele, it’s no surprise to see more investors join the platform daily. Today, Shrimpy is one of the premier social trading platforms in the sector. You can expect to see this platform continue to make headlines for its streamlined approach to the trading sector.

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