BogTools Empowers the Next Generation of BSC Dapps

BogTools Empowers the Next Generation of BSC Dapps

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 13 Apr 2021

BogTools is a simple-to-use ecosystem of developer-friendly Dapps. The network provides developers access to helpful features and tools such as decentralized on-chain oracles and code execution on the BSC blockchain. These systems improve functionality, streamline BSC Dapp development, and improve the UX. 

What Problems Does BogTools Attempt to Fix?

BogTools seeks to eliminate many of the top developer limitations. To accomplish this task, the developers have put together a platform that offers simple coding and a library of technical documentation. Dapp creators can improve the responsiveness of their networks by integrating BogTools Smart Oracles and other features. 

Notably, all BogTools transactions execute in real-time. This strategy allows the platform to operate without "bogging down" your network. According to company documentation, these protocols will eventually run on the BSC 24/7 in a bid to meet growing demands.


Developers can utilize these advanced tools to enjoy more flexibility in their creative process. The network's deployable oracles function as dependent smart contracts that are designed to empower the next generation of Dapps entering the market. 

Low Fees

Developers only pay a small fee when they deploy BogTools assets. This fee is in addition to gas fees. Notably, anyone transacting in BOG is entitled to Gas Refund Tokens which will refund the costs of using the BOG ecosystem.

How Does BogTools Work

BogTools are organized into factories. Each factory consists of deployable individual contracts that are designed to interact with any BEP-20 protocol. Here are some of the best features the platform offers at this time.


The BogRNG offers developers access to Verifiable Randomness Oracles. These sensors provide developers of casino games, lotteries, and other random-reliant Dapps an easy way to accomplish their backend functionality. 


Another popular feature on BogTools is BogLimit. This protocol enables PancakeSwap users to place limit orders. The protocol functions on any BEP-20 DEX and is already in us by the tradeable, customizable NFT, Sminem.

NFT Marketplace

The NFT marketplace allows anyone to mint and trade digital collectibles on the BSC. Users can give these unique blockchain assets added value by integrating them with the Bogged ARG.

Bogged ARG

Bogged ARG provides developers with a gamified component to increase the usability and overall value of their NFTs. The system allows programmers to make NFTs that entitle holders to added bonuses such as access to exclusive content or special discounts. 


Another cool feature that’s sure to spur interest on the platform is BogCharts. This system provides live price updates for any BEP-20 token. Developers can provide investors with historical price data as well. Currently, PancakeSwap NFT traders need to hold the token in question to gain access to this information. BogCharts eliminates this requirement. Consequently, it's a powerful tool that can increase investor confidence in new tokens.


BOG is the native governance and payments token of the ecosystem. This token used to interact with all aspects of the network. There is a 4.5% fee on all BogTools transactions to reward Liquidity Providers at this time. However, developers intend to reduce this fee as time progresses. There are currently 2,400,000 BOG in circulation.

How to Use BogTools

Using BogTools is easy thanks to the plethora of documentation provided by developers. For example, there is an easy-to-implement oracles section that highlights the exact coding you need to enter to introduce these features onto your own projects. Notably, oracles rely on Solidity as their primary coding language.

Using BogTools to Place Limit Orders on PancakeSwap

For regular users, BogTools Limit Orders on Pancakeswap are a game-changer. Limit orders are simply orders that execute when the token hits a preset price point. To accomplish this task on BogTools, you just need to go to the platform and click the Place Limit Order button on the homepage. 

This action will direct you to a user-friendly order page. From here you will need to connect your wallet and select a token. Any BSC-compatible wallet will work. MetaMask is a popular option that is free and also supports Ethereum-based tokens. 

Once your wallet is connected and you have the token you want selected, you need to enter the Target Price, Buy Amount, and Slippage percentage. Notably, you must hold some BOG in your wallet to execute any trades.

Under the order form, you will see all of your Active Orders. Under that section, there is an Order Book that displays the current trade activity. The entire trading process is quick and easy.

Using BogCharts

Using BogCharts doesn’t require any technical know-how as well. You simply need to hit the Charts button on the main menu on the top left corner of the platform. This will take you directly to a charting page. Notably, BOG's pricing history and technical data will be displayed. 

You will notice an address box at the top center of the page. This address bar is where you can paste any BEP-20 smart contract address to pull up the tokens information. The charting tools include multiple time frames such as 1m, 5m, 15m, 1h, 4h, 1d, and all time. You can use the scroll on your mouse to shrink the chart to gain a wider view of the token’s performance. 


Staking is another cool feature that is available to users. You will need to select the staking option from the drop-down menu. This button takes you to a BOG staking page that shows you a selection of options. You can see the total fees distributed, your earnings, the total LP staked, and your stake. To participate in staking, you first must connect your wallet. 

Building with BogTools 

BogTools provides an excellent selection of tools that is sure to empower Dapp developers moving forward. The network's focus on developers gives it some added advantages that are sure to spark interest in the sector. For now, users and developers gain a bunch of helpful features when they integrate BogTools into their processes.

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