Bitget Exchange is Looking for Great Traders as Part of their Copy Trading Program

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 30 Apr 2020

Bitget provides contract traders and users with the most friendly and transparent Copy Trade function, committed to let traders and followers maximize profits and achieve win-win, and now announced the Bitget Elite Trader Recruitment Program.

[Limited Time Benefit] Be a Bitget elite trader and get 1,000 USDT contract trial fund!

The top 200 traders who successfully joined as Bitget Elite Trader will receive up to 1,000 USDT of contract trial fund, first come first served, grab quickly!


Become Bitget Elite Traderyou’ll reap large profits!

Industry-wide highest profit share + massive active users

  • Traders can directly get up to 10% of follower’s profit.
  • Bitget has a large number of contract users, with a contract transaction of DAU 5000+ daily, and you can have a large pool of high-quality active fans when you become elite trader.
  • The Copy Trade function is embedded in Bitget App and is open to all users across the network. Users can follow multiple traders at the same time. Enjoy the high traffic as long as you join us!

2. US$ 2 million asset management fund

Bitget will invest US $ 2 million to set up an "asset management fund", and elite traders can apply for the use of the fund and get a performance bonus

  • Bitget elite traders with a TOP 10 score per quarter can apply to use the fund for asset management, and receive rewards and commissions based on profitability levels.
  • Top elite traders will get Bitget's own asset management opportunities.
  • Note: Bitget will comprehensively score traders based on multiple dimensions such as total profit / total deposit / profit rate / win rate.

3. Star trader show

The most profitable star elite traders on weekly and monthly basis will get the opportunity to exposure under full traffic of Bitget platforms, including publicity exposure on official websites, Apps, communities and media.

1) The monthly star trader will receive the following promotional opportunities 

  • Exposure on the official website program "Bitget Star Trader" ;
  • Full dimensions push on App;
  • Official community live broadcast / top media interview live broadcast;
  • Exclusive poster design;
  • Official community push;
  • Official Twitter, Facebook, Medium exposure;
  • Top media news.

2) The weekly star trader will receive the following promotional opportunities;

  • Exposure on the official website program "Bitget Star Trader" ;
  • Exclusive poster design;
  • Official community push;
  • Official Twitter, Facebook, Medium exposure;
  • Top media news.

4. Fans management with ease

Traders can manage followers at any time according to market trends and trading strategies to ensure that traders and followers make a common profit.

5. Clear and transparent data

Traders can view the follower's detailed revenue data and position data to accurately formulate the next trading strategy.

6. Professional Take Profit and Stop Loss

Traders can set a take profit and stop loss for the position at any time, and grasp the market to the greatest extent.

>>Ways of registration<<

1. You are welcome to contact the mailbox: [email protected] to submit the application. Please be sure to note "Trader's Application" in the email title and submit the following materials:

  • Bitget UID, register here
  • Bitget or other platform contract transaction records in the past one month
  • Strategy sharing in fans group / forum articles / screenshots of trading strategies on social media, which need to reflect the number of fans or reading;
  • Contact information (phone no. and email, phone no. is strictly confidential and only for emergency contact);
  • Telegram or Whatsapp contact.

Bitget will complete the review and send you a confirmation letter within 1 working day.

2. When you settle in as an elite trader

All Bitget contracts have no positions, no current orders, and trigger orders.

3. After becoming an elite trader

  • The function of closing position and lightning closing position for total positions is disabled.
  • The function of close position for trigger order is disabled
  • The system will automatically adjust the leveraging multiple of all contract accounts to 10 times and cannot be changed, and can only open positions in 10 times leveraging, isolated margin mode until the identity of the trader is revoked
  • Closing a position can be done under "Contract Trading- Real Trading- Current Copy Trade Order"



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