Plans to Add a Bitcoin Cash Mixing Solution in 2020 Plans to Add a Bitcoin Cash Mixing Solution in 2020

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 14 Oct 2020

Cryptos’ rapid growth has indeed been something of great wonder. In recent times, the crypto world sees more usability, evidenced by increased transactions per day; this comes from an upticked number of online merchants who offer the ability to pay using different coins. While people often describe Bitcoin’s transactions as anonymous, the coin isn’t entirely anonymous.

Every transaction recorded on a public distributed ledger is visible to all nodes on a blockchain, linked only by an electronic address. It, therefore, means that for any purchase you make using a crypto as a means of payment, the transaction is untraceable to you specifically. Similarly, it's impossible to identify individuals holding the digital coins even when having their address due to the indirect linkage between both. Nonetheless, there are some loopholes in many cryptos’  anonymity. In that case, making them pseudo-anonymous; a good example is bitcoin.

Bitcoin Pseudonymity

A clear indicator that Bitcoin is pseudo-anonymous is that anyone can access the permanent record of all transactions as it's made public. Public cryptography masks the individuals behind the transaction through the encryption of the transactions. In each Bitcoin transaction, users get two digital keys: a public key/address and a private key, also referred to as a signature. The private key is the most crucial security aspect, as it’s a sign that the user signed off the transaction. The public key functions to indicate the time and amount of transaction. Bitcoin pseudonymity makes it possible to trace transactions back to the user's IP address and exchange account.

Encrypted Bitcoin transactions may imply that the transactions are viewable but not entirely traceable to a specific individual. However, Bitcoin's transaction is not as wholly encrypted, and there are several ways it can be abused. First, bitcoin trading exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and Bitfinex, etc. undermines Bitcoin encryption. It is because their KYC and AML policies demand that users provide personal information regarding real-world identities, including user's two names, phone number, or even user's IP addresses. This information can easily be retrieved if the exchange is breached. Also, most Bitcoin crypto owners have linked their wallets to exchanges making it possible to trace their identities.

To evidence that the Bitcoin’s transactions can be traced, there are companies, notably, Chainalysis tracks crypto transactions that are suspected to be linked to criminal activities, i.e., Darknet transactions. Chainalysis has been able to use its Blockchain analysis software and other clues to trace crypto transactions to their real owners. In essence, Bitcoin claims to be anonymous, but it's entirely not, and you should strive to remain anonymous. The Best Way to Maintain Bitcoin Anonymity is an online Bitcoin mixer that anonymizes Bitcoin by mixing different bitcoin addresses. This thwarts attempts to track the real identities of Bitcoin users. offers better Bitcoin anonymity thanks to its outstanding features and availability to regular (non-dark web) BTC users. The mixer works by interchanging the address or breaking the link between users’ old Bitcoin address (usually associated with the exchange they first bought Bitcoin) and their new address. Breaking the link between these two addresses ensures that the chain of transactions is concealed, enabling Bitcoin users' to remain anonymous.

When using, users first need to enter the wallet address to receive mixed Bitcoin. Next, they need to deposit Bitcoin they would like to mix. A fee of 2%-4.9% of the total mixed bitcoin is charged per transaction.  

Bitcoinmix Outstanding Features is undoubtedly one of the best Bitcoin mixer thanks to its features. The platform offers dedicated, in-house customer support and encompasses high-level security achieved via full HTTPS security, backed by a legitimate SSL certificate. Below are some features of

  • Total users' anonymity - ensures full users’ anonymity, i.e.; the platform doesn't have access to users' information. Users' personal information, including emails, are not stored on the platform's servers. The only information stored on the platform is incomplete Bitcoin transactions. Besides, doesn't require users to submit email addresses and other personal information during the registration process. Users' logs are also not stored on the platform, ensuring a high level of anonymity.  
  • Automated - is fully automated, meaning that there are no human intermediaries in the mixing process. Also, the platform automatically erases the entire Bitcoin mixing data when the process is complete. 
  • Enhanced Security - leverages full HTTPS security backed by a legitimate SSL certificate. Users’ are therefore guaranteed the safety of their coins while on the mixer.
  • Full-Proof Algorithm - To further enhance user security, leverages a full-proof algorithm that protects users from phishing sites and other suspicious websites. The platform is also not linked to the dark web; thus, no third parties access users' coins. Additionally, users; IP addresses remain anonymous. 
  • Widespread Delay Option - allows users to choose a wide range of options to delay time. Choose from delay time starting from as low as 30 minutes to as high as 20 hours. 

Bitcoinmix.Org to Support Bitcoin Cash currently supports three coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. The platform seeks to add a Bitcoin Cash Mixing solution in 2020. Other coins mixing service will be launched in due course. 

Despite the fact that Bitcoin Cash is better than bitcoin in anonymity, everyone still needs to be careful while dealing with it. It is less complicated when it comes to mixing the BCH coins giving it better compatibility with the platform. 

Closing Words    

Despite being decentralized and anonymous, Bitcoin is not as private as you may think. Every bitcoin transaction can easily be traced to the Bitcoin blockchain revealing the identities of Bitcoin users. The pseudo-anonymous nature of Bitcoin necessitates users' to create an extra layer of privacy and remain anonymous. Bitcoin mixers offer a practical and easy way of anonymizing Bitcoin transactions. is the first Bitcoin mixer available to regular (non-dark web) users. Outstanding features, including in-house customer support, full HTTPS security backed by a legitimate SSL certificate, and complete user anonymity make the best crypto mixer for non-dark web users. Read the full review to find out more about this excellent Bitcoin mixer supporting Ethereum and Litecoin. Bitcoin Cash will be launched soon.     

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