Bitcoinmixer – Protect your Bitcoin and Your Identity

Bitcoinmixer – Protect your Bitcoin and Your Identity

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 18 Sep 2020

In the early days of Bitcoin, it was common for people to think that Bitcoin was anonymous. However, nowadays it’s obvious that this is not the case. Today there are more blockchain forensic companies than ever. Each of these firms makes it more difficult for people to participate in the decentralized economy anonymously. Luckily, there are platforms like Bitcoinmixer to keep you safe.

Bitcoin mixers are not new in the market. Since it became knowledge that Bitcoin transactions could be tracked, people have sought to figure out ways to make their payment anonymous. There is even a strong push within the Bitcoin community to institute some form of Bitcoin privacy feature via the Lightning Network in the future.

For now, Bitcoin users are left to the mercy of the market. While there are a lot of Bitcoin mixing services available today, most lack the level of security you need to remain anonymous in today’s fast-paced blockchain sector. When your privacy is the main concern, it’s critical you only stick with the very best Bitcoin mixers in the market. 

What is

Bitcoinmixer is a platform that allows you to mix your favorite crypto. The platform accepts Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin currently. Unlike the competition, Bitcoinmixer utilized a variety of unique features to simplify the mixing process and provide users with an easy and convenient way to mix crypto.

What Problems Does Bitcoinmixer solve?

Bitcoinmixer is a next-generation mixing platform that leverages proprietary technology to keep your crypto anonymous. Today, there are endless reasons to want to make anonymous crypto transactions. For one, it’s empowering to take back control of your finances. Additionally, you may want to make purchases online or donations without people knowing your identity. Bitcoinmixer makes that possible.

The truth of the matter is that privacy is a core right for every human being. Platforms such as Bitcoinmixer protect our rights and keep you safe. A wise man once said, “In a digital age, privacy is liberty.” Today, this statement rings truer than ever. If you want to be able to express your feelings freely and spend your crypto how you please, you need to take your privacy very seriously.

Privacy in the Digital Age

Privacy is more important than ever and that’s why Bitcoin mixers play a vital role in the community. The internet is full of horror stories of criminals tracking Bitcoin owners down and stealing their coins. Sadly, many of these cases are violent since the criminals know they will need to get passwords and keys from the victims. In one recent case, the victim was tortured and his life savings was stolen. 

Privacy can also be a priority depending on your region. Governments around the world have mixed feelings about cryptocurrencies. While they may not be illegal in your country, no one can say with 100% certainty what the future holds in terms of regulations for decentralized assets. You can avoid future headaches by keeping your crypto transactions out of the public eye. Bitcoinmixer helps you to protect your identity from hackers, thieves, and prying governments.

How Does Bitcoinmixer Work?

Bitcoinmixer is easy to use. The interface is very straight-forward and easy to navigate. When you arrive on the page you need to provide the address for the wallet you want your coins deposited in after they finish mixing. Next, the platform will provide you with an address to send your cryptocurrency to.

Mixing pool

After a certain amount of transaction approvals, your mixing screen will change and notify you that the mixing process has begun. During this time, your crypto goes through a variety of new wallets and addresses. It’s also mixed with a bunch of other Bitcoin from other users. 

The great news is that the entire process is automated via smart contracts. In this way, Bitcoinmixer requires no human intervention. The entire mixing process occurs in the background while you go about your business. You can just send your Bitcoin to the service, and when your preset time limit expires, your mixed coins arrive promptly in your wallet. 

Every coin you receive is fresh and has never been in your wallet before. This strategy places your security as the main priority. No one will know how much Bitcoin you actually own.

Custom Time Delay

Another awesome feature employed by developers is custom mixing times. The time delays are vital for mixing purposes because it’s much harder to trace a transaction when you have no idea what time it was sent. Time delays obfuscate your transaction’s timeframe.

Today’s forensic companies look at the time of transactions to try and group mixing transactions together. If they are successful, it’s much easier to decode the mixing process. It’s nearly impossible to accomplish this task when you have no idea when the original transaction started.

Randomized Fees

Bitcoinmixer utilizes a random commission rate between 2-5% for every transaction. Blockchain forensic firms will search for fees to determine when a mixing protocol was introduced. When the fees, times, and amounts vary, it’s 100x harder to figure out who owns what Bitcoin.

No Logs stored

Bitcoinmixer is built from the ground up with the user’s needs in mind. For example, the platform only keeps transaction details and emails for 24-hours. After this point, the data is erased forever. Consequently, Bitcoinmixer cannot help any organization or individual with their questions about users.  The platform deletes these records for optimization purposes and to protect you from later attempts to figure out your mixing habits.

Bitcoinmixer – An Essential Element of Any Crypto Investment Strategy

Savvy investors keep their holdings safe using Bitcoin mixers. These platforms are even more valuable today than they were when they first entered the market almost a decade ago. Luckily, these services will remain in high demand as more people venture into the crypto market seeking more financial freedom.

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