AstroKitten Eyes the Moon Following Successful Stealth Launch

AstroKitten Eyes the Moon Following Successful Stealth Launch

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 20 Jun 2021

The crypto world is experiencing a growth in meme coins that has in turn resulted in the emergence of animal-themed crypto projects. Within these is a subset of feline-themed token projects that are competing for market share. One such project seeking to upstage the rest is  AstroKitten. The recently Stealth launched project is banking on its unique offering to get to the moon.

AstroKitten($KITTEN) is a community-based deflationary ERC 20 token project running on the Binance Smart Chain. The project has a lifetime supply of 1 Quadrillion $KITTEN. This figure guarantees you enough supply of the token. 

$KITTEN Coin Burns

The project has burned 65% of its total token supply to shore up the token's value. AstroKitten will carry out additional coin burns from time to time hence strengthening the coin further. Besides, eliminating developer tokens and whales will assure that your $KITTEN holding will continue growing in value.

$KITTEN maintains a 10% tax on all of its transactions. It will use the funds collected to reward its holders and also fund its locked liquidity pool. Of these, 7.5 % goes to all the token holders. On the other hand, the remaining 2.5 %  goes to the liquidity pool to help in stabilizing the price.

$KITTEN's Reflectionary Mechanism

The project has an inbuilt Reflection Mechanism to give you the incentive to Hodl $KITTEN. As stated, a percentage of the transaction fees goes back to every holder building your staked volumes. Thus, increased compounding incentivizes further Hodling assuring you of higher


Again the project's tax mechanism deters price manipulation. The reflection mechanism applies to all buys and sells. This way, it is punitive to swing traders who would attempt to influence the prices artificially.

Anti-Manipulation Feature

The anti-manipulation feature is highly essential as it checks the impact of celebrity activity on price movements. For example, recently, Tesla CEO, Elon Musk has come under fire for his tweets and actions regarding Bitcoin (BTC)  and Dogecoin (DOGE). 

Critics insist that his negative comments on BTC and Tesla's change of tune on BTC payments have contributed to its price plunging. His open admiration for DOGE, on the other hand, has influenced its price positively. However, Mr Musk denies intentionally influencing the crypto market.

$KITTEN again rewards you with a fixed Annual Percentage Yield (APY). Most crypto projects pull investors with high initial APYs. However, they are not able to absorb the selling pressure resulting from the APYs dropping profitability compared to the market. AstroKitten's self-sustaining reflection mechanism protects you against such scenarios.

Upcoming Events

$KITTEN has planned several exciting events to enhance its current offering. First among these is the launch of an NFT marketplace where you and other users can acquire and exchange digital collectables. To complement the NFT  marketplace, the platform will soon run an NFT airdrop for top tier $KITTEN holders.

Moreover, AstroKitten will roll out a 24/7 live streaming platform. On this, you get to catch all the live events broadcasted on the platform. One event to look forward to is its planned live stream of a real kitten on a spacex mission. You can capture every moment of the kitten's journey to the planet.

The Coin Wars

The rising popularity of the meme coin market has seen a mushrooming of animal-themed cryptos. Within the space, there has been further differentiation of the projects based on a particular theme. 

Prominent in this separation is the emergence of stiff rivalry between the cat-themed, and dog-themed crypto projects. The cat-themed projects seem to take the fight a notch higher by targeting Elon Musk in particular.

Mr Musk is the visible face behind the prominent dog-themed crypto, Dogecoin. One project the Orange Cat Token (OCAT) is running a Twitter campaign under the hashtag #STOPELON. It has also suggested that time is ripe for a real Cat Vs Dog war. AstraKitten went ahead and teased that it's not only dogs that can go to space! It is running meme content on Tiktok. Most of the content parody Donald Trump and Elon Musk's stances on Bitcoin and the latter's infamous space adventure. The clips also take potshots at DOGE while announcing the token's features and listing on PancakeSwap.

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