New Defi Platform Providing NFT Armour For Artists is a recently introduced crypto NFT platform designed to provide artists, art enthusiasts, and gallerists with the best art pieces. has its native token ART, which will help in running the platform's services. The platform, plus its token, is based on the Binance Smart Chain, a highly scalable, fast, and reliable blockchain network. Therefore, the platform can assure the artists get services in a user-friendly and reliable way. 

Moreover, by leveraging the BSC network, The network will provide NFT and art services at way lower fees than any NFT platform based on the competing smart chains. Artists' work will also get top security in the platform due to the platform's efforts made to secure the platforms.

Generally, is introduced to focus on the artist, their work, and the art lovers. Keep reading to see how takes the artist's work seriously and educates the artists and the users. Focuses on The Artist's Needs 

The network will have its marketplace where artists can exhibit their works and receive full recognition. In many platforms, the user's work is often not taken seriously, with some people criticizing works that took hours, days, and weeks to complete. Although social media is an excellent tool for marketing Art, many people have negative opinions about artworks. 

Generally, will help users exhibit all their works of art, paintings, songs, movies, and many more in a very attractive visual environment.

The exclusivity concept is used in where only the people interested in a particular piece of art can get a hold of them. Generally, the artist's work will not be based on the artist's reputation but rather on the efforts put in that particular work. also invests in blockchain education for artists. Currently, there are millions of artists globally, most of them providing high-profile works. However, a big chunk of the global artist population does not know the crypto world. 

Some still think that Bitcoin and other currencies are a scam and stay away from them. It's almost impossible to attract artists to use NFTs if they don't know what they are. 

However, is coming up with an excellent solution for the users. To ensure the artists understand the blockchain and NFT world, the platform provides personalized tutorials to artists. By providing enough education to users, will attract thousands to benefit from the platform. 

Accordingly, will ensure it creates a personalized contact with each artist to help them with their custodial needs. Communicating and interacting with artists personally will help provide an environment of trust and general growth. 

Learn More About the Artists

Many platforms providing the marketplace for art often do not look into the person behind a successful piece of art. In some cases, a picture may be trendy, but the artist behind the painting is unknown. 

However, completely redefines the artistry industry by ensuring that the followers know more about the artist. These platforms will be providing background information in interviews, bio, reviews, and many more ways. Therefore, as you enjoy viewing a particular piece of art in the marketplace, you will understand the efforts taken in the making. will be the first NFT platform to focus on the needs of the artists and ensure the artist gains popularity. recently introduced the first stake NFT game, which will last to 13th May, where participants in the game will receive rewards, just by depositing any amount of ART tokens. You can still take part in the game - it's open to any user - and stand a chance of earning one of the 20 exclusive NFTs at stake. Read all the details here.  

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