A Review on Rocky Inu, the BSC- Based Digital Token

By Crypto Adventure | Crypto Adventure | 11 Nov 2021

Rocky Inu (ROCKY) is a DeFi project that applies a deflationary mechanism in its operations. The crypto platform aims to design a sustainable meme economy running on the Binance Smart Chain.

Today, meme tokens are gaining massive attention from global investors. As a result, multiple projects continue to emerge, giving rise to an overall market cap of $70B. Rocky Inu hopes to take the same path as a meme asset aiming for a moonshot. The project is also receiving support from renowned influencers in the crypto space. 

Let's look at some of the features that Rocky Inu offers.


Below is a summary of what investors can expect from the Rocky Inu project. The features include:

Passive Incomes

Rocky Inu is allowing investors to earn from their holdings. Users can generate rewards automatically by holding ROCKY, the platform's native asset. To achieve this goal, the project charges a 3% fee on all non-buy transactions. The tax ensures Rocky Inu can gather adequate rewards and later distribute them to holders.

A Burning Procedure

Rocky Inu uses a deflationary mechanism that increases the token's value. The asset's price rises due to a burning procedure that removes a certain supply of ROCKY from circulation. Burning ensures that the token remains scarce, making it valuable in the long run. Furthermore, the burning process attracts a 3% tax on every non-buy trades.

Automatic Liquidity

The 3% transaction tax charged on all non-buy transactions caters to the project's automatic liquidity feature. Liquidity provides Rocky with a hedge against unstable prices. In other words, the automatic liquidity feature acts as a safety procedure that protects investors from losses.

Anti-Rug System

Rocky Inu implements an Anti-Rug system which helps assure investors of transparency. Rug pulls involve incidents where dishonest project owners leave with the users' investments. Such occurrences usually take place after the launch of a digital token. 

The project is going to lock 50% of the team tokens for a certain timeframe. Therefore, user funds will be protected from scam incidents like rug pulls.

Marketing Activities

Marketing plays an essential role in promoting a crypto platform. It creates awareness about the project's offerings to potential investors around the world. Rocky plans on taking a similar path which aims at gathering more users to invest in the project. In that regard, Rocky charges a 6% tax on non-buy trades to fund the marketing activities. 

Presale Coming Soon!

Rocky Inu plans to launch $ROCKY on November 25, 2021, through a presale fundraiser. The presale will start at 15:00 UTC and end on November 28, 2021, at 15:00 UTC. At the moment, the project already has an updated KYC and auditing badge. It, therefore, shows that the platform's code is safe for use.

ROCKY has a total supply of 1 Quadrillion, and the presale event intends on taking up 120 Trillion tokens. Participants can invest with a minimum of 0.01 BNB and a maximum of 3 BNB.

Moreover, the presale exercise will take place on Pinksale, a platform that supports the launch of new tokens. One BNB should be equivalent to 60 Billion ROCKY tokens during the presale. At the same time, the listing rates for a single BNB acquires 54B tokens. 

Rocky targets to achieve a soft cap and hard cap of 1000 BNB and 2000 BNB, respectively. After the crowdfunding event, the project plans on locking 85% of the presale proceeds in PancakeSwap. There is a lockup period of 85 days once the pool is complete. 

The project locks up 500T team tokens and releases its first distribution to the team after 30 days. Rocky hopes to continue with the team's distribution in two cycles, each releasing 25% of the tokens. Hence, the team token distribution process may end around February 26, 2022.

How to Buy ROCKY

Rocky Inu provides investors with a step by step procedure to follow when buying ROCKY. Users first need to download a Metamask or Trust Wallet and fund them with BNBs. From there, users can head over to the DApp section and select PancakeSwap. Before that, investors need to enable the Trust browser, which takes users to the wallet's system. Users then complete by swapping the BNB with Rocky Inu Bsc. 

Future Developments 

Rocky Inu looks forward to accomplishing several goals in the future. The project plans on listing with CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap to gain more exposure in the crypto market. As part of its growth journey, Rocky hopes to gather over 50k Telegram followers. It further targets to receive close to 60k followers from Twitter and Instagram. 

Marketing campaigns and paid advertising are also part of the platform's future developments. On top of that, users can expect to see the launch of Rocky's merchandise, NFTs, and games. Rocky Inu Swap is yet another development that could appear as the project expands.


Rocky Inu looks forward to becoming a valuable investment strategy for the community. Users can expect to invest with a deflationary asset that grows its price over time. Furthermore, it applies a 15% tax on all non-buy trades to maintain a sustainable ecosystem. 

The anti rug pull gives investors a sense of security that their holdings are safe. Locking up the team's tokens guarantees investors that the platform is here to stay. Asides from holder rewards, Rocky is working on introducing giveaways that reward the project's active participants.

It also intends on starting charitable activities that push for social responsibility. Such initiatives could attract more investors and build more trust with the community. 

For more information/updates, visit Rocky Inu on:

Telegram: https://t.me/rocky_inu_group

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/rockyinutoken

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rocky_inu_token/

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