EOS Dynasty - The EOS Game That Pays Dividend

By CrypticBlockPro | CrypticBlockPro | 11 Jun 2019

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EOS Dynasty launched on may and had its presale done is one of the best blockchain game on eos that pays a dividend to players based on the revenue of the game. Currently at 1400 players its quickly becoming the game of choice as players increasing day by day. The game is climbing the charts on many dapps ranking site. Those who have played EOS Knight would recognize EOS Dynasty as both of the game share the same elements and gameplay.

What Required to Play

Users who want to start playing the game would need to have an EOS wallet and an EOS account that has at least one EOS token. The EOS token is required to buy the character available to start playing the game. Among the character available to be purchase currently is the Warrior, Archer and the Wizard.


Basic Gameplay Information

Since the game falls in the Idle Game Genre. All you have to do is get your character to raid the battlefield as much as possible to get materials, runes, and experience.


Battle Location 

Send your team to battle in a different location, and get materials in different rarity.


Character Stats

The basic stats of your character.



Send your team into battle and get materials to craft different types of equipment or sell them to the marketplace.



Gather materials from your adventure and craft much powerful equipment to make your team stronger.


The in-game marketplace where you will be selling your materials and equipment to get eos.



Same like EOS Knights, EOS dynasty also have mounts u can acquire by using runes. Get mounts that also available in different rarity and send them to adventure to get runes rewards.

EOS Dynasty Dividend - TKT - Three Kingdoms Token

The EOS Dynasty dividend token. Accumulate the token to get eos rewards



Future updates on new content and new features on the game.


Download the game from the website and join the telegram.

EOS Dynasty Website - Website

EOS Dynasty Telegram - Telegram



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