ChainGuardians "A-Crypto-Meets-Anime NFT Game"

ChainGuardians "A-Crypto-Meets-Anime NFT Game"

By CrypticBlockPro | CrypticBlockPro | 8 Jul 2019

As an enthusiastic gamer myself, nothing exciting than seeing a new blockchain gaming project to start in development that is based on anime design. ChainGuardians, a cryptocurrency meets anime collectible game soon to be launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The games which will be developed on the Ethereum chain will be using the ERC-721 tokens standard.

Games Planned for Launch.
The world of ChainGuardians will be huge with already planned a few several games of RPG and mini-games. Currently, their primary focus is on the mini NFT-mining game and The Colosseum (Guardian vs Guardian combat which is to be browser-based) of which hope to be live at the end of Q4. Besides that, they also planned to release an initial integration of the RPG format into either a VR metaverse such as Decentraland, HighFidelity or Unity.

The NFT-Mining Game
This one got me excited cause its first of its kind NFT-Mining Game called The Global Hash Wars. Prior to the main game launch, The Global Hash Wars is one of several planned game featured to be embedded into the ChainGuadians world, whereby owners of approved NFTs will be able to deploy their assets to mine in ChainGuardians mini-game. The NFT that available for now Captain Devex Attazer will be the first ChainGuardians character available as part of the pre-sale to be usable in the NFT mining game.

The Presale on Opensea
The first stage of their pre-sales which will be offered to participants on July 7th, 2019 at opensea. The team behind ChainGuardians have teamed up with Colletrix and OpenSea to create the world’s first NFT meets NFC watch reality package. Captain Devex Attazer, a unique in-game ChainGuardians character, comes with a collectible watch which is designed and engineered by Colletrix. The character which comes in different rarity (common, uncommon, rare and legendary). Some will be made purchasable and some available thru auction on opensea, as this is only the first stage of pre-sale, more sales will be available on opensea for those interested gamers who want to join in the world of ChainGuardians.



Whitelist for Updates on ChainGuardians
Interested gamers on the ChainGuardians project are advised to subscribe to the whitelisting process immediately by filling out their details in the whitelisting form via the link below. Whitelisted users will receive several benefits including early access to ChainGuardians communication, future access to exclusive auctions available only to whitelisted users.

Subscribe to the whitelist


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