The DIVI ecosystem: the new digital payment and savings platform

By Paraguanads | Cryptalk | 12 May 2020

Cryptocurrencies have become the main resource for those who are completely suspicious of the preconceived world financial system, and that is why many options –of various technologies and usability– have come to stay, offering their users not only a good return of their investment, but also the exponential growth of it, granting them the financial freedom that everyone yearns for, far from the inflation generated by such systems.

The governments of the countries that control the currencies with "greater acceptance" only serve their immediate interests without thinking about the economic health of the poorest, generating more debt by injecting artificial liquidity -without any support for a higher value asset-  to the monetary system, directly affecting the purchasing power of such people and impoverishing the masses every day in exchange for political favors, or simply, personal businesses that do not benefit the majority at all. It was time to think about the future of the most unprotected and the possibility of helping them fulfill their dreams, regardless of where they are.

DIVI Project has served as a financial idea to support the forgotten, being a fully decentralised ecosystem with the main purpose of being, not only a payment system for many goods and services, but also as a way to save and obtain tangible interests with such savings, in an easy and friendly way with those users who are just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies and decentralised markets.

Personally, as a writer and analyst, I do not like to fall into the irresponsible and demagogic game of recommending any platform without first analyzing it (not only its charts of historical growth in the markets but also its future goals). In this case, DIVI has met –and meets– the goals that it has set out in its roadmap, not only concentrating on doing so, but also educating the masses about the acceptance of cryptocurrencies as the new worldwide form of payment and savings.

DIVI is currently in the development phase of its 2.0 app, which will not only allow you to carry your wallet everywhere on your mobile or tablet, but you can also quickly and easily exchange your coins for FIAT money (USD, EUR or CRC), giving you the freedom to dispose of your assets like no other ecosystem. In addition to this, the DIVI app will allow you to run your masternode offline. Enough of technicalities, lines of code and complications: anyone can carry their masternode in their pocket and produce their coins through staking (DIVI's consensus technology is PoS [Proof of Stake], friendly to the environment and the expense of non-renewable natural resources).

Another advantage of DIVI app will be the sending of remittances to any part of the world* through the same application. You will no longer have to go to any shipping house like Western Union and MoneyGram to send them the money that your family member or friend so badly needs in another part of the world. With just one click you will have the possibility to send it to them (almost in real time), with the lowest commissions on the market, and so that person who will receive them will be able to use it, both in DIVI currency and in FIAT.

You may be wondering, how can DIVI to sort and deal with the financial regulations of world banks and allow the sending of FIAT money to anyone*, without the discretion of any bank or government? DIVI took control of a Costa Rican money transfer company, adding it within its ecosystem in order to allow DIVI holders the possibility of having an IBAN International Bank Account Number) with which they will be registered in the world banking system and thus send money to almost any corner of the planet*. It is not a joke or fantasy. This will be done by the DIVI app as soon as it is launched.

In short, DIVI is the solution that the world was needing and crying out for to achieve the long-awaited economic freedom. No other ecosystem is like it: it is simply wonderful.

*Restrictions could apply


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