SINOVATE: the awakening of the sleeping giant

SINOVATE: the awakening of the sleeping giant

By Paraguanads | Cryptalk | 3 May 2020

This is for you! Yes, for you who are looking to invest your profits in a solid project over time, which has been proving that thousands of its investors continue to trust it by keeping the daily trading market volume above four digits, and which is listed by several exchanges with many good pairs. A top project that at the time (almost a year ago) managed to exceed 1,000,000 USD $ and then touch the ceiling of its market capital with 5,054,871 USD $ in investments, and that today, despite the shocks of the markets and high volatility, still attracts curious and investors by the quality of its technology giving transparency to their investors and futures to be.


(ATH in 2019. Taken from CoinMarketCap, 2020)

Running nodes in all the world, is SINOVATE ($SIN, for its ticker) a project that was renamed on June 1, 2018 and has retained its essence and mystique in its development, with Infinity nodes (which burn the collateral to avoid inflation), decentralizaed 3.0 cloud, X25X algorithm of mining by GPU (less power consumption) and a fully decentralized messaging and email system, ready to allow you to chat and send completely private emails to your colleagues, family and friends, counting in turn with Integrity Test and large data storage (unlimited) within the private network.

Do you want to know more about SIN (Sinovate Infinity Nodes)? This masternode technology is different from conventional ones: It has a deflationary effect on the supply so, instead of creating coins, it rather burn them and increases the value of those in the possession of its investors. 


(SIN rewards distribution. Photo taken from the official SINOVATE website)

In addition, the project has a decreasing supply and never would be more than 800 million coins,  allowing its investors to have in their SINOVATE wallets an asset of increasing value, ready to wait for more capital and give more purchasing power to its holders.

In short, SINOVATE is a project to be followed by you that seeks to get the most out of your investment, and trusts in innovative projects with respectable daily volume in reputable exchanges. SINOVATE is here to stay.

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