New ransomware attacks your Discord account and extracts your cryptocurrencies

New ransomware attacks your Discord account and extracts your cryptocurrencies

By Paraguanads | Cryptalk | 24 May 2020

Most cryptolovers on the internet use the Discord chat platform, not only to talk to their peers and find incredible rewards, but also to store, in turn, received cryptocurrencies on the servers where they are. That's why Internet hackers have come up with a new way to snatch their coins from users using a new technique.

This is AnarchyGrabber3, a highly infectious Trojan that steals passwords from Discord profiles, disables 2FA and in turn spreads (like a Trojan) through direct messages to the friends list with flashy offers (free paid games, free premium software or even free cryptocurrencies). This Trojan attacks users with the desktop version of Discord.

Once the Trojan enters the victim's system, it overwrites the JavaScript file index.js in the Discord client's path and automatically calls the attacker's machine, which can log in to your account and remove all the coins.

How do I know if I am infected with the AnarchyGrabber3 Trojan?

First of all, you must go to the path of your hard disk containing the Discord client. In almost all cases (for Windows users) it is C:\Users\Your_user\AppData\Roaming\Discord\version\modules\discord_desktop_core. Then, being there, open in a notebook the file index.js


You must check that your file looks like the following picture. If there are any extra lines of text, your Discord client has probably been compromised by this trojan


If there is another line written, besides that, quickly disable your internet access, then go to Control Panel - Add or Remove Programs and uninstall Discord completely. Then activate your internet access again and download this free antivirus. It is the best on the market for detecting threats After the scan of your system is completed and your system has been cleaned of viruses and threats, proceed to download the Discord client again.

Were you infected by this trojan? Make your comment about it and help us to detect the sources of infection to report them in all antiviral databases so they can be detected by everyone.

Thanks to BleepingComputer for their marvelous article. See it here

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