Martkist launches new reward program

Martkist launches new reward program

By Paraguanads | Cryptalk | 24 May 2020

In addition to the ten years of distribution of the Martkist community project, the administrators have devised more ways to win coins for those who wish to make use of this valuable asset, which is growing like wildfire as the days go by, increasing the purchasing power of its owners and, at the same time, positioning it in the best places just before the climax of the project: the launch of the decentralized market.

There are thousands of content creators for cryptographic projects who are constantly looking for projects for which they can create their products. In this case, Martkist is targeting them with the new type of rewards that the platform offers. There are currently two reward tiers and the requirements for each are as follows

  1. Martkist Rewards: Payments will be > 10 $MARTK.
  • Twitter account with over 150 followers;
  • account;
  • Have 150 MARTK coins in your wallet (holding rule);
  • Basic knowledge of crypto;
  • Active user of Discord (login to our server here);
  • Create semi or professional quality content.

     2. For the other kind of rewards under the Zombie reward Army role (payments less than 10 $MARTK), is required:

  • Twitter account with 50 users;
  • Ability to write 300 characters (tweets);
  • Creation of memes.
  • No coins required in the wallet.

If you want to create quality content, but lack any of the requirements of both reward systems, you can write to any moderator of the platform, via Discord or Telegram, and they will be able to evaluate your content in case an exception can be made.

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