Buy and hold

By Crypto_Brain | Cryin | 12 Jul 2021


Bought and kept my answer to the question of how you spent your summer. As well as active farming, not so long ago I went to POLYGON, in the plans of Tezos. I still participate in risky projects with a crazy APY. I lose and win, but when I win, the profit overlaps the past failures. I am not a guru and not an all-knowing trader, but during the time spent in the world of cryptocurrencies I realized something for myself, this market loves to make a fool of me, when I sell a coin it takes off literally a day later, and after the purchase it falls. I’ll say right away that I don’t trade what I’m afraid of losing. And what I see now is a clear signal for me to accumulate assets.

In the meantime, the bulls come running, I'm going to active farming again, a new farm with a crazy APY. The choice is yours.

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I love sports, cryptocurrency and a positive attitude. Working in agriculture in my daily life, I got very interested in profitable cryptocurrency farming. I believe that #DEFI projects for #BTC are the prospect of decentralised banking.


Why hide I am looking for financial independence from hired work in everyday life. I am firmly convinced that in the world of cryptocurrencies this is completely real.

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