Farsite NFT game

By Cruzter | cruzterGaming | 8 May 2021

Farsite is a MMO RTS (Massive Multiplayer Online Real Time Strategy) sci-fi game.

Its premise is simple:

  • Every game item is an NFT created by a player (Are the airdrops and store bought-items created by players???)
  • Items could be freely traded on the open market
  • Driven by players, custodians of the game

The Farsite project is currently in phase II (Preorder). Those who publicize the game are rewarded points, and the top 100 receive airdrops. Once you receive an airdrop, your score is cleared, so new people can enter the Top 100. Players are rewarded with points for completing challenges such as posting on social Media.

One of the most notable events of phase II is the Store, which opens on May 31 where users will have the opportunity to spend real-life money on their crates (lootboxes).

The early Alpha will occur on the Q4 2021. Then, players will be able to choose their path. Namely: Hauler, Miner, Manufacturer, Military, Explorer, Governor, Recruiter, Politician, and Trader, which are described in the image below.


The official game release is TBA (To be Announced), but the game has potential, but some aspects are still unclear to me. Namely:

  • How will the paths be chosen?

How will the carrer path be chosen? Will it be like a list of options or will your actions determine your path?

  • Will it be F2P for everyone?

With F2P I mean real F2P, similar to Alienworlds, where anyone can start playing without investment, or owning Ethereum, or even other currency in their wallet 

  • Will it be F2P for early adopters/airdrop participants?

Will early adopters have a chance to play the game without any fee?

  • Will progress be reset after the Alpha?

I think not, but I couldn't details.

If you have to answers to these questions, please reply them in the comments.


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