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By Coincobra | Criptonita 2 | 20 Sep 2020

Atomic Wallet is an app available for Android and IOS devices in the cryptocurrency wallet format.

Atomic wallet has many options of cryptos for exchange and purchase.

In addition, it has the function of STAKING with crypts: ATOM (10%) XTZ (7%) TRX (5%) ONT (5.6%) NEO (1.4%) KMD (5.1%) SOMETHING ( 5.6%) VET (1.63%). This portfolio also has the option of AIRDROP for the following crypts: BTT and WINK.

This airdrop is automatic as long as you keep the TRX Cryptocurrency (Tron) in your wallet. It works as follows: you receive 1% of the amount of your existing Tron balance in your wallet on the day determined for payment.

For example: if you have 1000 TRX you will receive 10 WINK and 10 BTT on the payment day that occurs monthly.

By chance you only intend to buy use your VISA. They accept. OK. 

In addiction,  there is the option of  to add tokens ERC-20.

If you want to participate in these benefits that Atomic Wallet offers you do download  the app and register. 😉.

Atomic Wallet

Earn BAT make download and sign up

Earn Litecoin playing game

Earn LBC (Lbry TV) watching videos 

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