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ConsenSys And Microsoft Partner To Bring PegaSys Ethereum Suite To Microsoft Azure

By JuanAngel | | 7 Jul 2020

PegaSys Ethereum Suite will now be available to developers on the popular Microsoft Azure Marketplace. This was announced by Brooklyn-based Ethereum development studio ConsenSys on Friday.

According to the announcement, Azure Cloud will list the following three tools from the PegaSys Ethereum suite: Hyperledger besu, an open source Ethereum client for business; PegaSys Plus, which is a commercialized version of Besu; and PegaSys Orchestrate, an Ethereum transaction orchestration system that enables organizations to build on any Ethereum network by providing functionality to manage transactions, smart contracts, private keys, and more.

Also, Microsoft Blockchain Development Toolkit will be directly compatible with Hyperledger Besu.

This development adds to the functionality of Azure Cloud, which works similarly to an app store. It allows developers to find development tools in one place, some of which are open source like Hyperledger and others are marketed and require purchase agreements to use like PegaSys Plus.



The addition of the PegaSys development suite shows the growing links between the Ethereum-focused development study ConsenSys and the software giant Microsoft, both members of the Enterprise Ethereum Association.

“We are excited to see the launch of Hyperledger Besu and PegaSys Plus on the Azure Marketplace. Continuing to advance business quality and tools for networking and blockchain development is critical to meeting the needs of customers using Azure, 'said Yorke E. Rhodes III, Senior Program Manager, Blockchain Engineering at Microsoft at a release.

"In combination with VS Code Blockchain DevKit for Ethereum, a new standard for blockchain development has been established." Expressing similar sentiments, a ConsenSys spokesperson added, "These offerings will help developers deploy multi-node networks with browsers, monitoring and dashboards to run the tools necessary to manage a complete Enterprise Ethereum network."

Collaborations, partnerships and integrations can be the silver bullet that takes the blockchain mainstream. Blockchain has proven to be a disruptive technology thus far, and some of the mainstream and traditional companies are taking notice, while others are already positioning themselves to take advantage of the changing landscape. Microsoft is one of them.

By pooling resources, it helps some scale development studios like ConsenSys to increase their budgets and create better innovations instead of working independently.

ConsenSys has been struggling with overhead costs that led them to cut their workforce three times in the past two years.

In addition, the company underwent a restructuring to focus on two key areas of its business model, that is, development and investments.


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