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Covid-19 and Cryptocurrencies


This unprecedented time has shown us that things are changing very quickly and we need to be ready for the future. Actually the future has already arrived. The Blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies have already impacted different sectors of the economy and, the most important, have impacted the life of people around the globe. Central banks that were sceptical about the power of cryptocurrencies have been changing their views and have been trying to better understand it. The Blockchain technology has been helping companies to build safer infrastructure to ensure secure payments, for example.

I have been building my bitcoin wallet for a while now. At first I had plenty of time as I was at college. At that time I would spend a few hours per day just claiming faucets and engaging in offers to earn some extra satoshi (smallest unit of the bitcoin cryptocurrency). But then I finished college and had to start working. The positive side was that I started making some money that has allowed me to buy bitcoin instead of earning it.

The idea of the post is to help people that have extra time during this Covid-19 crisis. Also for people that are scared about their jobs to start building some safety in the cryptocurrency assets.

Many of you have already explored the claim faucets websites and know that it requires a lot of discipline to grow your cryptocurrency wallet. But a lot of people do not know that this kind of website has an alternative way to boost their bitcoin collection. I have included below screenshots of a few transactions showing the amount of satoshi I have earned along the previous years. I can assure you that this kind of offers has made my wallet grow a lot faster.

In order to earn these extra satoshi you just need to complete very simple tasks, such as: download and install apps, visit websites, complete simple surveys, etc. My favourite Bit fun ( because it is quite easy and most important it is reliable.

You just click in the link and register yourself with your email. After doing that start claiming you free satoshi and off course completing the offers (just click in the Offer option o the top of the website). Among the options I prefers the Offer Toro. And then the Mobile Apps, 1 Click and Surveys.

It is important to create your CoinPot wallet ( to keep your bitcoins after earning them. Remember this is an online wallet, I have a software wallet (Electrum) installed in one of my machines. A software wallet is much safer, but this is a topic for another post.

I would really recommend you to start earning your bitcoins as soon as possible. In 5 years from now you would ask yourself why you did not start 5 years ago.

I am including here a few faucet claim website I have been using and I trust them a lot. This is a great way to earn free bitcoins. Just remember you can boost engaging yourself with the offers available.

Please do not hesitate to ask me question if something is not clear. Enjoy your free bitcoins and stay safe!


Faucet Claims:

Bit Fun -

Bonus Bitcoin -

Moon Dash -

Moon Litecoin -



1. the screenshots below represents a small part of all the transactions I have made so far.  A relative large part of the bitcoins I have earned are from completion of this kind of activities.






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Cryptocurrencies: The Future has Arrived
Cryptocurrencies: The Future has Arrived

This unprecedented times is showing all of us that the establishment needs change. Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies are already part of our reality today. The future has arrived!

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