Hype Of The Play-To-Earn Cricket NFTs Drop Is Around Us

By Christian Edward | Cricket NFTs | 7 Apr 2022

NFTs as we know it…..

NFTs, as we all know, have now integrated on the fabric level into our working environment and slowly but surely are making their way towards our day-to-day life. Peeking the authenticity, integrity, and ownership in the traditional transaction of fiscal and fraud, blockchain technology has come up in a long way of controversy.

Along with the inception of cryptocurrencies, NFT has also started to gain the attraction and traction of online decentral enthusiasts. So these NFTs are generally non-fungible tokens that are written with the use of smart contracts and cannot be replicated, representing something unique and special. These NFTs cannot be exchanged replaced or swapped with other NFTs because each of them contains something unquestionably unique. These NFTs represent the in-divisibility that renders them from being broken into smaller tokens. The NFTs generally are made for something to be eternalized such as Art, including both digital as well as physical, Music, Real-estate which adds another dimension to their selling point of view.

Guardian link NFT cricket loot box

Similar to this, the Guardian link is introducing something worth eternalizing, an NFT loot box. This loot box will be a key point in aiding something very larger than life in the metaverse. This loot box will be a gamechanger in the play-to-earn metaverse game that will soon be creating ripples across the decentral world.

Diversified NFT loot box

This NFT super loot box will be more diverse and unique with so many certain use cases. Even if this cricket game NFT drop box will be still in its early stage, it will be easier to grab it before the prices will go haywire. These hot cricket NFTs are algorithmically 

programmed to have no repercussions and repetitions considering cricket NFTs in the box. Blockchain, as proof of ownership, when the user will buy our NFT cricket collection, they will be able to track down every little transaction due to immutable history. 

Soon these world’s first cricket game NFTs will become something similar to all of us and in a way the crypto is. This cricket game NFT drop is like icing on the cake that genuinely represents the child in all of us who only wants to collect and play with cricket cards but due to the technical enhancement, now NFTs. 

A metaverse NFT cricket game has the huge potential to blow-up big times and not because it is only a play-to-earn NFT game but also due to the fact that it will be a great way to earn and regulate a passive stream of income. Adding more flavor to this, users will rest assured that the copyright and the authenticity of the cricket NFTs will be preserved in the blockchain for eternity.

Where would one buy the Super loot?

Each NFT from this NFT super loot drop will be unique which means they will be the designated door openers to our game. These NFT cricket collectibles will be the proof of authenticity of an NFT cricket collection within the blockchain network. Buying these cricket NFTs and moving them to the metaverse when the time comes will not compromise their authenticity but rather will increase the price as the time passes. These cricket game NFT drops are scarce and will have an indivisible nature.  

The First P2E cricket NFT drop will be the first of its kind to experience growth and become acceptable throughout the blockchain so be quick as a cat and sign-up for cricket NFTs and fund your wallet by jumping onto the bandwagon on “ jump.trade” NFT marketplace. Guardian link is proud to present the one and only in itself an NFT loot box filled with cricket game goodies. Hurry up and Save the spot.

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Cricket NFTs
Cricket NFTs

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