Cricket Countries and Their Fans

Cricket Countries and Their Fans

By Allysa19 | cricket guide | 19 Mar 2020

Some people may not really consider cricket as one of the most famous sports in the whole world. But in reality, the batting and bowling sport is played by more than a hundred countries. With multiple live cricket odds and prop bets, the game is a must bet on for a huge percentage of punters in the sport’s millions of fans. 

At 104 members, ICC has 12 powerful full members who are very much considered powerhouses at this point including England, India and South Africa. In the whole world, the ICC has 16 members in North and South America, 34 members in Europe, 21 members in Asia, 11 in the region of the East Asia-Pacific, and 22 members in Africa. 

Some countries like India and South Africa have a special love for the sport. During live games and the glorious scenes of cricket matches, these fans and other super fans give their best to cheer on for their favourite players and teams. 

Check out some countries with the most passionate fans!


  • Sri Lanka


From being underdogs, The Lions of Sri Lanka had risen up in the cricket scene. Featuring a good record since the 1996 Cricket World Cup, the country’s national team also holds the record for the highest Totals for all cricket game formats. 

Sri Lanka also has a big fanbase who will cheer cricketers at every cricket score. Sri Lanka has plenty of Cricket superfans that have raised the bar for their support for players such as ‘Uncle Percy’ and Gayan Senanayake.


  • Pakistan


Although Pakistan is undoubtedly one of the best countries in this sport, it struggles with a lot of political problems. Because of such, main events have stopped being performed on the main stadiums of cricket and had since been relocated to Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Pakistan has one of the most passionate cricket fans but compared to what they are in their true ‘home’ base, the strength of Pakistani fans are still short of a million. However, in other stadiums, you can expect some Pakistani fans cheering for their team as they see their favourites secure a great cricket score.


  • Bangladesh


You might see some cheerful fans who can be very fond of singing and chants. Most of all, these cricket fans can be carrying and even wearing cuddly stuffed toy tigers. 

These are Bangladesh cricket fans. Compared to some countries, the Bangladeshi fans are even more cheerful armed with hoots, flags and their own face paint. Expect the stadiums to roar loud and clear when the Bangladesh cricket team is winning. 


  • Australia


Cricket is popular in Australia in terms of domestic, international and local matches. 

As they say, the Australian Cricket Team are not just the players playing on the wide cricket field but its 24 million fans cheering in the stadiums or at the TV channel, Australian fans are made of all genders, classes, ethnicities and even ages.

Australian fans are revved up especially during The Ashes, a tournament against England. Mostly peaceful, the fangs and claws of the two countries become excessively sharp with pride during these matches. 


  • South Africa


Cricket is the second most popular sport in this part of the world. Sure enough, the cricket fans of South Africa are very ferocious with their chants, cheers and outfits for their cricket heroes. 

The matches of Proteas, named after the national flower, are always sold out by fans in the country. There are tons of clubs in South Africa that carry the same belief - to be the organization that fuels the national team’s fire. 


  • India


It is not a secret that India holds the top spot for some of the best cricket fans in the world. Bearing some legendary batters and bowlers, India has tons of records to uphold and a lot of honour worth cheering for. Featuring the best matches and even their own Indian Premier League (IPL), the country also houses the best kind of cricket fans in the world.

Carrying the Indian flag in all sizes and even painted on their bodies, the people of India consider cricketers even as demi-gods and gods. Indian cricket fans, like other countries, also carry their own songs, chants and even choreographed dances to the stadiums.


  • England


As the country who stands on top of the ICC championships of 2019, England has tons of incredible cricket fans ready to shout their hearts out for their national team.

In the 1990s, the Barmy Army was even formed to fund cricket fans with tickets and even touring parties! They are known for unconditionally cheering for the team, even when the England team is about to lose. The Barmy Army is present until today and has extended to other sports.

Regardless of how much we love and support our favourite team, it is important to know how to become a respectful and supportive cricket fan in the matches and to the players. Carrying our own flags, costumes, songs and chants to the stadiums, all we want at the end of the day is a great and breathtaking match from our players. 

Cricket is one of the best games to spectate and bet on, regardless of what country you come from. Check out the latest live cricket odds and matches on trending sportsbooks at Betwala!


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