Wirex card complete review

Wirex card complete review

By creatoersz | creatoresz | 17 Mar 2020

Wirex Card, the Debit Card for Cryptocurrencies: Functions, Advantages, How to Apply for it

Wirex stores cryptocurrencies in the wallet connected directly to a debit card, the Wirex Card. It is a virtual debit card launched in 2014 and totally free of charge which offers a 0.5% cryptoback on all purchases acquired. The Wirex circuit provides an excellent solution since it is necessary to pay with various real and virtual currencies since they are also allowed in payment with cryptocurrencies.



Applying for a Wirex debit card is quick and easy. Just visit the Wirex website and select which type you want (the plastic one or the virtual one). In any case, regardless of the card chosen, it is necessary to fill in the online form where you have to enter the general data, ie the name, surname, date and place of birth, your nationality, gender, address and -mail and phone number. In order to complete the request, it is necessary to upload a document containing the photo and the residence address in order to confirm the identity of the person who requested the card. Once the request is complete, Wirex verifies the data and, if necessary, also requests additional documents. Only after the final verification is the Wirex card delivered and activated.



The first virtual Wirex Card costs € 0, the second one costs $ 3. Plastic Wirex debit card has a variable cost depending on the type. In particular, the non-traceable one costs $ 17, the traceable one costs $ 27 and the one for DHL couriers costs $ 50. The commissions on online and offline purchases are equal to 0. On the other hand, the commissions on cash withdrawals from the ATM are equal to $ 2.50, if you withdraw from an Italian ATM. But if you withdraw from an international ATM it will be equal to 3.50 dollars.


The Wirex virtual debit card also imposes some need. The first concerns the number of operations that can be performed. This, in fact, depends on the status of the Wirex account verification. Users who have not yet done the verification only need to perform up to five daily operations for each currency and the minimum total sum of them must be € 1 (1 pound or 1 dollar). The second concerns, however, the maximum limit of the provisions, equal to € 10,000 or £ 8,000. PayPal, Neteller and Payoneer which must in no case exceed two per day. In addition, the daily deposit is associated with these sums, it is not necessary in any case to exceed € 500, $ 500 or £ 400. There are, however, no maximum deposit limits or restrictions with BTC.



Wirex makes the Wirex App available to all holders of the Wirex Card, i.e. the card application available for smartphones and tablets. By downloading the app on iOS or Android, you can check your balance at any time, check your movements or make financial transactions.



There are essentially three ways to check your balance with your Wirex debit card. The first is to use the application on a smartphone or tablet. Here, in fact, by entering personal data you can view your balance and possibly also check the movements. The second is to access your home banking page from a PC. Finally, the third is to go to an ATM and request a bank statement.




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