best crypto debit card. Review and tutorial. Here is why you should have it !! best crypto debit card. Review and tutorial. Here is why you should have it !!

By creatoersz | creatoresz | 19 Mar 2020

The search for the best prepaid card is a common theme for many; fewer are interested in the best prepaid card in the Bitcoin world. Today I want to talk about, one of the most ambitious projects, which wants to become a real bank in crypto format, and offers a prepaid card with respectable cashback (1% -5%), in addition to many other features.

What is, and why is it the best prepaid for Bitcoin? was born as a prepaid card with very interesting features. It belongs to the VISA circuit, thus having the possibility of being used globally for withdrawals and payments, like a normal prepaid card; however, it offers cashback (from 1% to 5%, depending on the plan), that is, it returns - in the form of MCO on your application - a percentage of the money you spend with your card.

There is better: the wallet offers a respectable referral program. By entering my code (hj8kfw2dgv) and then staking  (now I'll explain) 50 MCO, we will both receive $ 50 in MCO as a bonus. If you are interested, read below.


How works ?

As we said, the card works on the VISA circuit. You can have fiat money (euros, dollars and the like) and many of the most popular cryptocurrencies inside. At the time of payment, the cryptocurrencies will be converted into euros, so as to be able to use the card with all traditional POS and not to be held hostage by a technology not yet developed. There are two different tokens on which the card and the platform work, MCO and CRO.

MCO is necessary in order to unlock the card and take advantage of all its advantages through a process called "staking", or "provision"; CRO, on the other hand, is the token that regulates the blockchain and therefore allows everything to work. Within the wallet, you can deposit euros to buy cryptocurrency, as in any other exchange, or send cryptocurrency from another wallet or to another wallet.


The plans: why is the best prepaid in the Bitcoin world?

There are five different floors, each with ever better characteristics. In order to have the catya it is necessary to "stakare", that is to buy and keep on the native wallet for three months, a certain quantity of MCO. Once the card is unlocked, it will be possible to sell the MCO, even if in doing so you will lose part of the advantages. In the comparison, I will consider the case in which the MCOs are maintained even after the end of the mandatory period. 



Staking: how to invest with was born as a credit card, but has now evolved into a well-rounded bank direction. It is therefore possible to invest and obtain financing, another factor that I consider to define it the best prepaid in the bitcoin world.

The staking function allows the user to block their cryptocurrencies (MCO, CRO or others, including Bitcoin and Ethereum) for a certain period of time, being paid weekly in CRO. The numbers in the image below refer to those who maintain at the same time less than 50 MCO in staking (which is the case for most users), while maintaining more than 500 MCO the percentages go up considerably.

The wallet in app 


Obviously, MCO is also a fairly well-made mobile wallet that allows you to keep as much fiat (euro, dollars, etc.) as 53 different cryptocurrencies inside. The wallet then contains everything that is necessary to be able to operate through staking, investments and credit.


Referrals: how to get $ 50 free recently changed its referral program. When you download the app (wallet) to your Android or iOS mobile phone, you will be asked if you have a code. You can enter mine: hj8kfw2dgv. In this way, if you decide to stakare 50 (or more) MCO, we will both receive $ 50 in MCO on our wallet. It's an interesting incentive, given the amount.

Of course you can not enter any code, but in this case you will not receive the $ 50 bonus either. So how to do it easily? It is necessary to purchase a minimum of 50 MCO, an operation that can be completed on the wallet or on many other exchanges, since the project is widespread (for example on Binance), transfer them to the wallet and select "Card" from the main menu, which is accessed by the blue button with the logo at the bottom in the center.


Free $50 Sign-Up Bonus

For those eager to sign-up to the app, feel free to use the referral code hj8kfw2dgv(copy the code without spaces) to receive a $50 USD equivalent free sign-up bonus in MCO tokens.

How: Insert the promo code during installation of app.


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What i use (also earn free crypto !!)

➡️ (50$ bonus using the code: hj8kfw2dgv )

➡️ Coinbase (10$ bonus)

➡️ Wirex card 

➡️ Binance (10% fees discount)


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