are fear induced habits running your show?

When Fear Runs The Show

Something to consider before reading this post:

How is fear showing up in your life?

When fear runs the show, it’s easy to get stuck feeling there is no way to move forward. Fear causes us to make excuses for why we can’t have something. Fear keeps us small and in our “comfort” zone. Even if that zone isn’t all the comfortable, it’s familiar. And fear likes familiar. Fear fears the unknown. Fear robs us of living our lives to the fullest. Do you recognize these fear induced habits? Are they running YOUR show?

  • Being a perfectionist. Waiting until everything is just “perfect” will keep you from ever actually doing the thing(s) you want to do. Perfectionism is an excuse for not acting because you are always waiting for it to be just right. But we often move the markers for ourselves so it ends up nothing is ever “just right”. Let go of trying to make everything perfect. You can still move forward towards your goals, dreams, & intentions even if everything doesn’t appear “perfect” to you.
  • Getting caught up in what others think. The fear of what others think of you can be crippling. It can stop you from doing something as simple as buying a new dress that you love or something as big as taking a leap into starting a new business. The fear of what “they” will think makes us question ourselves, play small and limit our own self-expression. Who are “they” anyway and why are we letting them control us? It’s time to move past what “they” will think and into living a life based on decisions that are made just for YOU.
  • Assuming the future will be like the past. Since our memories are based on what has happened in the past, it’s easy to assume the future will be the same as the past. This is one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves. The future is not set in stone so let’s stop living our lives as if it is. In this moment, there is infinite possibility. How would your life change if you started living from that belief instead?

are fear induced habits running your show?

Fear doesn’t have to run the show. Fear doesn’t always mean you have to stop doing what your doing or what your doing is wrong. Sometimes we just need to learn how to work with our fears and move past them in order to grow and expand into the life we were meant to live!

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