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Tuning Into the Unconscious Mind with The Synchronicity Oracle

Tuning Into the Unconscious Mind with The Synchronicity Oracle

What is synchronicity and how does it show up in our lives? This week my guest is Etan Ilfeld, the creator of The Synchronicity Oracle Deck. Etan and I have a lively & fun discussion about really understanding what synchronicity is and how we can use it to our advantage to tap into our unconscious mind. We touch on why it can be so hard for us to tune in and what gets in the way of us hearing our inner most desires.

Etan and I also talk about how to use synchronicity and symbols in our own lives to guide us, the right and better way to ask questions of the oracle and we even touch on physics and time travel! We had a lot of fun with this episode and Etan even does a live reading for me which really demonstrates the power of using the Synchronicity Oracle deck to tell a story. If you've ever worked with or been interested in oracle decks (or even if you haven't) you will love this episode!

More about Etan Ilfield: Etan Ilfeld is the author of Duchamp Versus Einstein and Beyond Contemporary Art, and the creator of the Synchronicity Oracle. He holds a physics degree from Stanford University, is a US chess master and the owner of Watkins Books, London's oldest Mind Body and Spirit bookshop. He also hosts the Etan Ilfeld Podcast. You can connect with Etan at and find him on Twitter and Instagram can also purchase the Synchronicity Oracle Deck here:

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