Trapped by the Devil - Interview with Author Kate Spencer

Trapped by the Devil - Interview with Author Kate Spencer

From time to time I fill in as a host on another podcast called "Books on Air" where I interview authors to discuss their books. One of the recent interviews I did blew me away and I wanted to share this with you. The book is called "Trapped by the Devil" and the author shares her story of embezzling over a million dollars, getting addicted to drugs and contemplating suicide to becoming the person she was looking for to save her. This is one of the most amazing interviews I've ever done. I hope you'll listen because it really is a story of inspiration and the power we all have over our lives. 

Trapped by the Devil is based on a true story of how Kate Spencer made one single decision which took her on the path of destruction for 15 years. Hear first-hand how author Kate Spencer succumbed to mental health illness, domestic abuse, prison, heroin, crack cocaine addiction and spiritual bondage. 

This gripping story takes you on an emotional roller coaster as Kate travels down a dangerously dark and adventurous road. How will life turn out for Kate as she tries to find her inner strength to break through those chains of destruction forever?

If you want inspiration on how to manifest your dreams, read this book. If you do not believe that you can overcome anything, read this book and it will change your mind! #author #book #inspiration #devil #freedom

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