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The End Beginning & Valuing Yourself Sufficiently

The End Beginning & Valuing Yourself Sufficiently

Are you going for the very highest experience you can live? Do you value yourself sufficiently to be attentive to yourself, care for yourself and to be with yourself enough to become an expert in YOU? In this clip, Erhard and I discuss his book "A Dialogue with Death", the quest to be in touch with yourself and how living in an unconscious state is the "none" experience. Erhard also shares his thoughts on how we isolate ourselves which causes further suffering and the light of consciousness is what we are all striving for. If you value yourself enough to listen to this clip, you will get a perspective about getting started on the path to be in touch with yourself. Who knows, it just may change your life! This clip is an excerpt from a longer interview I did with Erhard Vogel called "Raise Your Level of Perception to Free Your Mind". If you would like to see the full interview, you can find it here: or here:

This week my guest is Erhard Vogel. Erhard and I have an open and honest conversation about what it takes to free your mind from the mental terror we often impose on ourselves. We also discuss Erhard's new book “A Dialogue with Death The Teacher of Life: An Ancient Story for The Modern World“

Erhard wrote the book to offer you the highest experiences of the Being you are, and to help you realize the answers to the most pressing and fascinating questions of human life. “This book is not for the ordinary person, and everyone should read it, for it challenges even those who think little of themselves to rise to the level of perception that frees them from ignorance and the consequent suffering.”

More about Erhard: Erhard Vogel, PhD, is recognized as one of the foremost meditation and Self-realization teachers in the world. Born in war-torn Germany, Dr. Vogel immigrated to the United States at age fourteen. He graduated from the Pratt Institute of Design in New York, and at an early age rose to a respected position in a world-renowned architectural firm. At thirty-one, he set aside a brilliant career in architecture to devote himself to the service of humanity For four years Erhard traveled the globe on foot researching the ways in which people of different cultures seek fulfillment. He saw the underlying need in everyone to fulfill their potential. In India Erhard met two of the world’s most renowned luminous Masters, who welcomed him into their midst and invited him to teach among the Himalayan sages—a rare distinction for a westerner. He lived for an extended period of time in a Himalayan cave in a remote sacred area. He returned home to address the problems and aspirations of our contemporary society with his teachings. Following a lecture tour spanning the United States, Europe and Canada, he came to San Diego and founded The Nataraja Yoga Ashram, a not-for-profit organization.

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