small daily habits are highly under rated

Small Daily Habits Are Highly Underrated

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What new habits would you like to focus on?


Small daily changes that seem insignificant at an individual level can create a huge impact in your life over the long run. Consider this: reading 20 pages per day adds up to nearly 30 books per year. Saving $10 per day adds up to $3,650 per year. Running 1 mile per day is 365 miles per year. The benefits of small daily habits are underestimated because they are small and seem insignificant. But those small and seemingly insignificant habits are how you can make your goals more attainable.

A random non-official Reddit survey asked “what’s something you wish you [had] started doing earlier in life? The top answers were "working out, reading, writing, telling mf’s no and taking care of their teeth". All very doable tasks if you take them in small incremental steps daily instead of feeling like you have to conquer the world on your first day.

Building good habits is one of they key behaviors to get you moving in the direction of your goals. If you can create a bad habit, you can also create a good habit. When something is a habit, there is no reason to force yourself to do it or even to have any type of self-motivation. The only motivation you really need is to develop the habit. Once the habit is formed, it’ll be on autopilot.

small daily habits are highly underrated

  • Identify the Good Habits You Want – Whatever good habits you want to develop that help you create a happy life need to be identified. Make a list. For example, eating right, drinking enough water, saving money, and so forth can all be habits you want to form, so spend some time identifying what’s important to you.
  • Start Small – First, pick the smallest changes to make that feels attainable for you. For example, if you want to eat healthier and loose weight, consider swapping out a heavy meal you might usually have for a lighter and healthier meal. Try this over several days and see how you feel. If it works for you, then continue, if it doesn’t then adjust. You will never be successful by forcing yourself into a habit so find one that you are comfortable with that you can build on.

The only motivation you really need is to develop the habit.

  • Schedule Everything – When creating habits, don’t avoid your schedule. Your mind can make lots of excuses, but you can eliminate them by putting the things you want to do in your schedule. Even that 15 minutes after lunch walk you want to take every day should be scheduled, or you’re going to find ways to not do it.
  • Get Support – Whether you hire a coach or other professional or work informally with family and friends, finding people who support you in achieving your goals is essential. The more you surround yourself with supportive people, the more likely you are to succeed.

It takes time to create a habit. Most people claim it takes 21 to 30 days. Is that really true? I’m not sure, but I have always felt it was worth trying. After all, the time is going to pass anyway so why not pass it building better habits? After the month is over, you can reassess to see if you’ve created a habit or not yet. If you are starting to feel natural each time you do the habit, you know it’s working! 

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