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Realistic Worries

Something to consider before reading this post:

How realistic is your current worry?

When you consider doing something new, it’s natural to be afraid. It’s more than natural to start to think of the worst thing that can happen and then focus on that and make yourself believe that’s the only option. We are so good at talking ourselves out of doing the things we want because we obsess about the worst-case scenario!

But often, that worst thing you’re imaging is very unlikely to happen. Yes, it’s easy to believe your own lies and believe these negative scenarios. But imaging the worst when you have no proof is not going to do anything but make you anxious and is truly a waste of time. This is how dreams are killed and how we get stuck in situations we can’t stand year after year.

If you truly do need to imagine the worst-case scenario to calm your mind, the best way to do this is to use your imagination to imagine an actual realistic worst-case scenario. Most real-life worst-case scenarios aren’t as catastrophic as we try to make them in our minds. Using this method will allow you to calm your worried mind by paying attention to the fear but also allow you to see that things probably won’t be as bad as your fears want you to believe.


For example, if you’re nervous about speaking in public because you think everyone will laugh at you, this is probably not a real worry. Everyone won’t laugh at you unless you’re a comedian and even then, there will be someone who doesn’t.

However, the idea that one person might laugh at you is more realistic. Let this fantasy carry out. What will happen if that one person does laugh at you? Calm your fears by letting your mind go through this scenario from the “realistic” worst case scenario not the “imaginary” worst case scenario.

Anytime you find yourself focusing on the worst, change the story to remind yourself that your worst possible scenario most likely isn’t even possible. When you prove to yourself that it’s impossible, you can move on to calm yourself from another, more realistic, worry.

Most real-life worst-case scenarios aren’t as catastrophic as we try to make them in our minds.

When you have realistic worries, you can do things to mitigate them. For example, if you are concerned that you will forget your words when you speak in public, think about what you can do during a talk if you do forget your words? You can look at your slides or notes, or you can plan it out with a good topic that you use anytime you forget what you’re saying to get back on track.

If you are worried that you won’t be able to meet your goal of saving $5000 this year, what’s the worst that will happen if you don’t? As you examine the worst of what may happen if you don’t save the 5K, you’re likely to either figure out that you can save the money differently or that you need to change your timeline to be more realistic. Neither situation is a disaster.

Don’t spend time imaging the worst without direction. Only imagine the worst that is realistic, and then mitigate for the issue you create so that you can prevent the worst from happening. Be realistic so you can move on to experiencing success in the things you do!

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