I Don't Know The Full Story...But I Know Enough To Make Myself Feel Bad

I Don't Know The Full Story...But I Know Enough To Make Myself Feel Bad

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The work I do is all about helping us all free ourselves from “the matrix”. This means freeing ourselves (and our minds) from the programming we have been taught throughout society, government schools (aka indoctrination centers), hollywood, big tech and the list goes on.

Programming is not just what is imprinted upon us by the Matrix, it’s also freeing our minds from our own negative thoughts, loops and patterns that keep us stuck in these places that we don’t want to be.We have a choice and we get to end the suffering that goes on in our minds (which is often self-imposed) and we can live better as a result!

In this live stream, I share some thoughts on how easy it is for us to believe we have the full story about something, when we don't, and what we do to ourselves as a result of that. Many of us automatically go to negative thinking, assuming the worst and that there is no possible outcome that will make us happy.

But what if there was another way to think about things? And what if that started with asking ourselves better questions? In this live stream, I share 4 questions you can ask yourself to free yourself from the box and open your mind to infinite possibilities. I hope you enjoy it!

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