Expanding Into Your Potential
expanding into our potential

Expanding Into Your Potential


Something to consider before reading this post: Where have you been holding back in your life that you could consider expanding into your potential? Is there something you are overlooking because you feel like there is only "one" answer to the problem? What if you explored it more, what else do you think you might find?

A few weeks ago, I was doing an online yoga class and the instructor was having us stretch our arms over our head at the beginning of the class. As we were doing this, she was encouraging us to go farther and asked us to stretch 18 inches over our head and focus on the ceiling. She asked us if we could "grow into our potential with the stretch".

As I was stretching, I thought about what she asked us. I was surprised to find, that with her encouragement, I could in fact stretch a little more and go a little farther than I thought I could. When something like that happens in an exercise class, where I stretch a little farther, last a little bit longer or I do something that I didn't think I could do, I'm always surprised that that potential was there, but that... I just couldn't see it. I wondered where I could apply that same thinking to other areas of my life to expand into my potential?

expanding into our potential

The interesting thing about this simple stretch was that my ability to do it was right in front of me, but I had never considered it or even tried it. Since I couldn't "see" the potential of it, I didn't think it was available.  We often miss what is right in front of us because we think things need to show up in a certain way to get our attention. But what if it was our attention to how we are looking at something that needs to shift?

Applying This Expansion for Growth to Your Current Reality

Most people that I talk to these days are extremely unhappy for various reasons. It's really easy to get sucked into those conversations that make you feel like there is little to no hope for the future. I don't know about you, but I'm sick of having these types of conversations. They make my skin crawl and I can't do it anymore.

So instead of focusing on things outside of my control, I've started to shift my focus within and explore what I can control. Yes there are so many things that feel different, but is different always a bad thing? I think many of us can agree the way things were going prior to 2020 wasn't exactly on the best path. We just hadn't been awakened enough to see a different reality so we didn't think there was any more potential than what was in front of us. But "surprise!" said the universe, let me show you something different.

We've all been through a lot and I know for myself, that's made me question everything in my life. The motto on my podcast is "question everything, trust yourself and find your truth". Why did I choose that? Because I think the days of everyone being told what to do and just accepting it are over. As humans, we have to start asking more questions, trusting ourselves to be able to decipher that information and then decide and take a stand for yourself about what works for YOU! The same answer isn't going to work for everyone, and no one should have the expectation that it would. That's part of being human, the free-will to explore different things and choose what's right for you.

Using Change To Your Advantage

So back to how things feel doom and gloom right now. As I was thinking about this more, I realized there is a lot of potential right now that I think many people are overlooking.  Most people are unhappy with the way things are going in the world and with that dissatisfaction brings a lot of opportunity for us to all grow into our potential. How can we do this? The possibilities are endless! But I'll give you some ideas to get started.

Think about things you do everyday that you aren't happy with. Can you create something new to make it better? What about something in this world that you are passionate about, can you develop something to solve a problem? Connect a missing link? Can you take a current idea and build on it? People are looking for alternatives and there are so many new markets opening up where people are looking for answers to their problems. How can you solve their problems? How can you expand past what you think is possible for you and grow into your potential?

One interesting fact about me is I'm a patented inventor, with 4 patents on a product I originally designed to meet my own need. I used to travel extensively for work and carrying beauty products at the airport was a real hassle. I developed a product to fix this issue. I'll never forget the day I drove away from picking up my first prototype and how excited I felt to bring my idea to life! 

This same potential is available for you too. We've all got something in mind where we've thought "if that was different in this way, or available to me,  it would make my life so much better!" So why not be the one to make it better? What can you do to make something better? What can you do to bring it into this world to help people have alternatives to what's out there right now? Where do you see potential to develop something new to solve your own needs, like I did with what I invented? Where do you see potential to develop something new to solve your own needs and meet the needs of others?

see opportunity

Everything is an Opportunity if You Choose to See It That Way

If we can start to shift away from the general overall energy of being negative we can start to look at everything as an opportunity. We may not like how things are, but it does present and opportunity to influence, shift and change things. I did it, you can do it too.

By looking at these perceived problems as opportunities, it also allows us to take our power back from the situation. Yes things are new and different and uncomfortable. Most people don't like change, myself included. But once we can get past the shock of it, I think we have two options. Wallow in the despair of it or use it as motivation to grow, expand and bring something new into the world that helps you and helps others solve a problem. 


I know this article probably brought some ideas up for you about what you'd love to see. Then that negative voice probably spoke up telling you why it wouldn't work. I have that voice too and what I've realized is that I have the choice to listen to it or not. And I choose not to! 

Just like my surprise expansion in the yoga class to stretch a little farther, you have expansion in you to. Where can you find opportunity right now so that you can expand into your own potential? Where have you been holding back in your life that you could consider expanding into your potential? Is there something you are overlooking because you feel like there is only "one" answer to the problem? What if you explored it more, what else do you think you might find? 

The possibilities are endless, why not see where they take you?!

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