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are you stuck in your comfort zone?

Are You Stuck In Your Comfort Zone?

Something to consider before reading this post:

Are you stuck in your comfort zone?

As humans, we are creatures of habit. Most of us fear the unknown and so we make up all kinds of ways to eliminate that fear of the unknown. One way we do this is to get stuck in our comfort zone. Your comfort zone isn't necessarily bad, after all, it feels good to feel comfortable. But when we get stuck in our comfort zone day after day, month after month and year after year we find ourselves living the same day over and over again.

Our comfort zone can keep us from finding the success we want when we hold to tight to our particular way of doing things.  If your feeling stuck right now, is it because you've gotten to comfortable where you are at? Do you fear the unknown?

What if what is on the other side of the unknown is better than where you are today?

To break through and experience more in life, letting go of your comfort zone is the answer. Here are some ways to get started:

  • Learn New Things – Whether it’s your industry or something about your personal life, accepting that you’re going to be a lifelong learner is essential to growth. Take a class to learn something new, read a book or listen to a podcast. These days there is so much free information out there and many people are willing to teach you are willing to learn. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and do great things, keep learning.
  • Try New Things – Try a dance class, try cooking a new dish you've never made or try growing a garden. Just try something new after you get done reading this post and see how you feel!  Even if all you do is take a new way to work or go running in a new spot, trying new things expands your mind. You can get your creative juices flowing by activating new segments of your brain, and you can do this just by doing something you haven’t done before.
  • Face Your Fears – Our fears are liars and we have to stop believing these lies. Fears keep us paralyzed and if you have fears that are holding you back, it's time to address them. If the fear is blocking your success in some way, find a way to mitigate it. Seek support where you can to lessen the impact and find healthy ways to address your fears. I can tell you from experience it's better to address these fears than waste years and years letting them control you!


  • are you stuck in your comfort zone?
  • Open Your Mind To Someone Else’s Ideas – Read some ideas contrary to yours that are also backed up by fact and research. Try to do this without shutting down and instead coming from a place of curiosity. You don't have to believe what you read in the end, but being open and curious about things with your guard down helps you to look at things in a different way and see a new perspective. New perspectives help to get out of your comfort zone and widen your possibilities for your future. 
  • Accept Failure as Part of Life – You’re not going to succeed the first time you try at everything you do. And that's ok! It's ok to be a beginner and suck at first. As adults, we often don't try new things because we are afraid to be a beginner and failing. But being a beginner is how you learn something new and move out of your comfort zone. If you succeed at everything you try, you’re not pushing yourself enough or setting your goals high enough. Allow yourself to fail and laugh it off, you may be surprised what you learn from your failures!
  • Accept Changes as Part of Life – The one standard in every life is change. Nothing ever stays the same. Even when you think nothing is changing, it’s changing. And that's good news! Change keeps us growing and learning and moving out of our comfort zone. So don't resist change, learn to be friends with it and that change isn't always a bad thing.

When you allow yourself to try new things, learn new ways of thinking, and be open-minded about it, you’re going to expand your comfort zone exponentially. The fantastic thing is, you can expand your comfort zone while honoring your principles, morals, and values as well as the traditions you value without roadblocking yourself. 

What are you going to do today to get out of your comfort zone?

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