Try this Mobile Crypto Mining app

Try this Mobile Crypto Mining app

By Justin Taylor | Cool Crypto Stuff | 7 Jun 2020

Did you know that you can mine crypto on your mobile phone, even without using any electricity or emptying your phone battery? Well, here's that app: Phoneum.


Phoneum let's you mine PHM on your mobile phone. Once a week you have to press the 'earn' button to mine for another week. So it is extremely easy, free and fun to earn some extra crypto. You can even close the app for a week, it still does its work!

Of course it's not big money that you earn, but you can consider it as a replacement for interest on your bank account. These days you hardly get any interest on your bank account, so by mining with Phoneum you have that little replacement.

Also remember that this app won't use your phone data like other mining software often do, so you have no electricity costs or empty phone battery.


PHM can be withdrawn to any ETH address and can be traded on Probit. There are also all kinds of mobile games with which you can earn PHM, so there are more ways to accumulate PHM. According to the website this cryptocurrency "has been developed for use across multiple mobile platforms".

Click on this link to sign up for free. Give this cloud earning a try!


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Justin Taylor
Justin Taylor

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