Pineapple and Banana Milk Smoothie 😋

By Eybyoung | Cooking recipes | 3 Jul 2020



Pineapple and Banana Milk Smoothie

Drinking pineapple juice or eating pineapple is way better than always taking pain reliever. Pineapple has inflammation properties that will help you ease the pain you are experiencing. Bananas are also rich in potassium that can help prevent lose of calcium in our bones and milk has high calcium which is needed for bones.

So I will share you how to make Pineapple with banana smoothie today. It's very quick and easy, so here's how.


1 whole medium sized pineapple

2 regular sized bananas

2 glass of milk

2 tablespoon of sugar (optional according to your taste)

Ice cubes


Peel off the pineapple


Then cut it into small pieces


Peel off the bananas


Then put it on the blender, pineapple, banana and 1 glass milk. Make sure to blend well. You can add 1 tablespoon sugar, it's optional because Pineapple is already sweet. Cut banana into Half to fit on the blender.



Sorry for the background 😅


After you blended it, blend the left over it does not fit all in the blender so you'll have two sets of blending.

After that, your smoothie is ready to serve make sure to add ice cubes to taste it better, it's refreshing when it's cold. Finish product 😀 its so yummy!



Pineapple has antioxidants that helps eliminates excessive toxins in our body. Instead of buying formulated juices or carbonated soft drinks why not make your own, it's pure no presevatives added so you can guarantee it's nutritious and good to your health.

P.S sorry my photos are not that good to look at, I don't know much in photography 😂


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Cooking recipes
Cooking recipes

Cooking is one of my way of exploring too, I really don't how to cook but by just following recipes I can do it.

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