Ooops! It Did it again

By Joao Chávez | Conectados en La Red | 22 Apr 2021

Divi did it again!

Divi is within the Top 5 of Masternodes with the best performance in April 2021 (week 15) according to Masternode Buzz

DIVI is a Proof-of-Stake blockchain with the main goal of making cryptocurrency easy for everyone using MOCCI™, a revolutionary one-click masternodes installer. MOCCI™ allows anyone to easily join the DIVI and earn crypto from a home computer or even from their phone and does not require technical knowledge. The masternodes of DIVI support the network by securing and verifying transactions. With five levels of affordability and rewards allocated based on engagement size, these revolutionary one-click masternodes allow anyone, with any technical capability, to start earning rewards instantly that can range from 18% to 23% ROI, depending on the masternode deployed.

The following is a table that shows the 5 levels of masternodes DIVI, and the number of DIVI required to implement each level:

Masternode level — Required quantity

Copper Masternode 100,000 DIVI

Silver Masternode 300,000 DIVI

Gold Masternode 1,000,000 DIVI

Platinum Masternode 3,000,000 DIVI

Diamond Masternode 10,000,000 DIVI

Do not miss the opportunity to invest in the most promising altcoin on the market!


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Joao Chávez
Joao Chávez


Conectados en La Red
Conectados en La Red

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