3 More Common Crypto Scams

By TheTimeCraft | Common Crypto Scams | 10 Jan 2022

In the crypto world there are many more scams than you think. In 2021 scammers stole around $14 Billion from investors. These are a few common scams and ways to avoid them.

1) Fake Mobile Apps


A way crypto scammers trick investors is by creating fake apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. The apps can look exactly like the original apps but with small changes. A way to avoid this type of scam is to see mistakes in the spelling and the name of the copy, the logo might be different, and the creator of the app will be different, try to find small details and changes in the copy which are different from the original app.

2) Fake Websites


There are many websites made to resemble the original website, and many new investors fall victim to this type of scam. You could click on a link which looks like the original website but could have a subtle change in the spelling, for example, instead of publish0x.com it could be publishOx.com, or even instead of .com it could be .co, then the layout of the website could be a bit different from the original website, the logo and colors could be different, there could be many subtle changes. To avoid this, always type the URL carefully, and double check the link carefully before clicking on it.

3) Scam Emails


You could receive an email from a scammer which looks like an email from a legitimate crypto company. The email of the scammer can be a little different from the email of the original company. The scammer could make you go to a website and enter your wallet details. Always check if it is the actual email address of the company, check if it is actually connected to the company.

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Common Crypto Scams
Common Crypto Scams

This is a place I will post news about crypto scams and how to avoid them.

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