XRP Tip Bot: Think BAT Tips but it's XRP-based and works via mentions
XRP Tip Bot: Think BAT Tips but it's XRP-based and works via mentions

By KermitDZ | ColorlessCoder | 14 Nov 2019

Only today I learned of the existence of this project and thought it was so interesting that I had to "spread the good news"... THIS IS JUST A ROUGH WRITE-UP.

I assume the majority of us on Publish0x are familiar with tipping our favorite creators with BAT Tips via the Brave browser. You know BAT Tips are backed by very serious fellas but XRP Tip Bot is still interesting and cool, even if it is not a very mature alternative/competitor.

It currently supports tipping Twitter, Reddit, Discord, and other TipBot users. From my one day experience, I will try to break it to pros and cons:


+ It is super easy to use. You simply deposit some XRP to your TipBot balance and then it's as easy as tweeting or reply to a tweet with something like:

@example deserves +1 @xrptipbot

or if you're on Reddit, something like this:

/u/example deserves +1 /u/xrptipbot

(That's right, that's me low-key begging for money lol)

+ The project is open-source (this is a big plus) and is hosted on GitHub: @WietseWind/xrptipbot.

+ Unlike BAT Tips, because of the way XRPTipBot works, a transaction fee is only applied when depositing or withdrawing, not when tipping.

+ Better privacy as it doesn't require a verified Uphold account, and needs not to comply with KYC policies since it's developed by a Dutch.

+ In addition to the Web interface, it has a sleek app, available both on Android (Play Store: com.xrptipbot) and on iOS (App Store: xrp-tip-bot/id1437630682).

In-app screenshot featuring the balance (0) and the user's QR code



As I have already stated in the beginning, I only learned of this today. In addition, I'm new to this whole crypto business but if I had to come up with some cons, I would say:

- It's not actively developed, compared to other projects.

- And the codebase is kinda messy (the developer is well-aware of that and will refactor/rewrite it when time permits).


To learn more and to try it out, check its website: XRPTipBot.com.

Thanks for reading. I promise you a better post next time.


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