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By Niklas Spille-Scheich | Collections | 26 May 2019

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For every business, everything you undertake, you need mental strength. It gives you the stability and confidence to master difficult times. When you let yourself get distracted, you lose it just as much as someone surrounded by the wrong people (money quote: "surround yourself with four lazy people, you'll be the fifth"); mental strength is the result of principles, attitude and trains of thoughts which lead to people

  • setting challenging goals and sticking to them even under difficult circumstances
  • cope with failure
  • show more motivation

In a nutshell:During 2003's Grand Prix of Austria, Michael Schumacher's car catches fire. He remains seated, takes a glance at the rear-view mirror and remains seated, fully trusting his team - at the end of the day, he's winner of the race.

Fall (and get up again)

A litte more comprehensive: Eldrick "Tiger" Woods reached #1 of the Golf World Championship in June 1997 after 42 weeks of being a professional golfer, being the fastest, youngest afro-american golfer ever. In the years to come, he set some more records in golfing. Following a knee procedure he suffered a slight drawback in sports success but in the course of a couple of years he managed to keep up even though his father died. From 1998 to 2009 there's been only one year in which he was not #1 in the world championship.

Following 2009 he had three years of personal troubles, losing his wife and going down to #1199 in the golf world championship. Nobody would've been surprised if he had announced to end his career and live a life off the cameras - yet, in 2013 he came back to #1 of the world championship and set a coule of new records.

Move yourself...

What are the goals you're trying to achieve? It's about you, not about someone else; there's people around who are at your disposal so you can reach your goals. Their advice is what you should follow, even though at times it may be uncomfortable. Uncomfortable truth hurts. But: Following your grind through uncomfortable truth, you're quite likely to have the success you wanted in the first place.

Life is simple: "people" smoke, drink and ride eScooters with a pricetag of €1,998.-- while people keep asking what to do if, someday, there's no customer left. Today's business is tomorrow's business, though: every single customer spending €4.-- on buns today may be worth €30,000.-- if you realize that he's spending €4.-- on buns on 200 days per year for the next thirty years; netting some €30,000. Should the person selling the buns happen to be a service person, this one customer may tell his friends about the incredible service ... netting a total of €150.000,-- for providing a simple service as "selling buns". Why should you give less than 100% when doing anything?

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Niklas Spille-Scheich
Niklas Spille-Scheich

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