Which token will be better for long term investment?? My opinion..

Which token will be better for long term investment?? My opinion..

By Musawer | Coinut airdrop | 9 Aug 2019

Why I feel it can be profitable for long term investment.


Etherplode is a deflationary token based on ethereum blockchain. On every transaction 0.5 percent of tokens are burned. It means its total supply will decrease with time and increase in price of tokens will happen Secondly the ieo price is 65 percent larger then it present price.It can be beneficial if you are planning for long term investments..


Ethplode is listed on coinmarket cap. It is listed on token.store sistemkoin vindex ddax.

Daily trading volume= 5581$

Present Price= 0.0057$

Token was launched in 2019.

Present total supply. 99883825

Expected No of tokens burned in next 12 months at current trading volume:-1800000 ethplode. 

Expected price in next 24 months:-. 0084351665157-9491a200142a3f69290b878d931c1dad8ace2f38ca63338556adae81c2d35fea.jpeg

Airdrops and giveaways. 

Airdrop round 1 has closed but still it is arranging Various Giveaways through their discord channel. Most active users get tips and instant airdrop in for of raindrops.

Link to discord :-


I am not a financial advisor. I am not responsible for any kind of your lose. I am representing my own opinions about the token. You should have your own research before any investments. 


Iam a student and crypto lover.. Iam involved in crypto since 5 years...

Coinut airdrop
Coinut airdrop

My name is musawer and I am 20 years old belonging from pakistan. I am a student by profession. I am crypto lover and wants it to be legal every to have a free of thats printed currency. I am involved in crypto since 2015.Thanks you all who support crypto

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