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By amirhuda | Cointiger Points | 18 Oct 2019



Free ZEN everyday

getZen.cash is a completely FREE ZEN faucet paying out up to 60000 Satoshis every 20 hours. Each time you visit the faucet you will receive a random amount of Satoshis selected from the range from 50000 to 60000.

Need a wallet ? Try Sphere by Horizen today!

Have control over your finances, download Sphere by Horizen Desktop wallet, a multifunctional app and launching point for most Horizen services. Supports both full and lite client, Zenchat, a secure messaging feature, also features for node operators.


You can use Coinomi Wallet 


Learn Blockchain with the Horizen Academy

The Horizen Academy is free and open to everyone who has the desire to learn more about these fascinating technologies. We have created the academy for the central purpose of sharing our knowledge and passion for blockchain technology.

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Cointiger Points
Cointiger Points

Cointiger announce that their international version of the point system is officially launched today. Users are encouraged to update your CoinTiger APP to the latest version to experience and acquire your TigerPoint (TP) through various activities.

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